MP3 PREP: BREAKAWAY Presents: Another World

As the festival season charges full steam ahead, the preparation for each event becomes a task in itself. Welcome to MP3 PREP, your ultimate guide to navigating the pulsating world of music festivals. Here’s what you need to know about BREAKAWAY’s first all-bass festival: Another World.

BREAKAWAY has become a staple music festival in the Carolinas over the years. As a ‘thank you’ to its loyal fans, the multi-city festival brand is debuting its first-ever single-genre event: Another World.

BREAKAWAY will return to Charlotte Motor Speedway’s zMax Dragway on May 3-4 sporting a new name: Another World.

The bass-focused festival features a jaw-dropping lineup with two nights of Excision, plus performances from Of The Trees (who was featured on the cover of MP3 MAG’s VOL. II), SVDDEN DEATH, NGHTMRE, and more. 

Whether you’re a festival frequent-flyer or a curious camper trying a bass-focused event for the first time, here are four things to know that will help you prepare.

1. All bass does not equal the same sound

Dr. Fresch
Dr. Fresch at BREAKAWAY Kansas City, Photo Credit: Alex Todd

Another World has a heavy-hitting lineup but that doesn’t mean the sets will feel repetitive or redundant.

Organizers have done a meticulous job curating the lineup to ensure bass music aficionados will enjoy a wide range of subgenres. Both days feature varying talents that will keep fans on their toes. From Of The Trees’ signature experimental sound to Emorfik’s heavy riddim and Kai Wachi’s melodic tunes, attendees will enjoy an array of music choices. If bass heads are hoping for a higher bpm to dance to, they also have Dr. Fresch and Habstrakt’s sets to look forward to.

Plus, wonky bass music lovers won’t feel left out thanks to a wobble-filled performance promised by Levity.

2. Bass head etiquette

BREAKAWAY Carolina, Photo Credit: York Pimiento

To be respectful of others and make the most of your time, being polite and considerate to fellow ravers is so important.

Give people space to dance, say “excuse me” when moving through a crowd, and look out for one another. Mosh pits will likely break out closer to the stage, so be aware of your surroundings. If you’re moshing and someone falls, pick them up and make sure they’re okay before continuing. Remember, festivals should be a safe space where people feel comfortable to express themselves!

Let your freak flag fly and don’t forget the golden rule of PLUR(R).

3. Transportation

The event will offer bus rides to and from the Concord venue on Friday and Saturday. Buses will run on the hour from Lost & Found in South End starting at 3:30 p.m. on Friday and 2:30 p.m. on Saturday. The last bus will leave the zMAX Dragway at 11:30 p.m. on both nights.

Organizers say bus riders must be in line by 11:30 p.m. to be guaranteed a seat. Two-day shuttle passes are $70 and single-day passes are $40. Starting April 26, only single-day bus passes will be available for $48 each. BREAKAWAY is also selling parking passes on its website for $25. 

Purchase shuttle passes — HERE

4. Camping

Another World isn’t the only new thing BREAKAWAY is trying at the Charlotte Motor Speedway this year — for the first time, BREAKAWAY is allowing festival-goers to camp onsite.

There will also be a satellite stage in the campgrounds, which will feature local DJs before doors open to the event on both days. Car and tent camping are sold out, but RV camping with or without hookups is still available online. RV camping with no hookups is $400 and to get a pass that includes hookups to power is $500.

Campgrounds open Thursday at an undetermined time and close Sunday at noon.   

Another World lineup

You can still get your tickets for Another World online. And If you’re wondering where the traditional BREAKAWAY Carolinas event is, don’t worry. The festival will return to its regularly scheduled programming on September 27 and 28 at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

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