Eprom at Syntheism Robotics Show In Portland Taken by Tyler Hill

MP3 PREP: 5 Essentials for Eprom’s Syntheism Robotics Show At Mission Ballroom

After an incredible turn-out at the first Syntheism Robotics show in Portland, Eprom and his team are gearing up to take the 21-foot robots on tour. The next stop on their journey is the highly anticipated show this Saturday, July 29 at Denver’s infamous Mission Ballroom. To ensure a worry-free weekend, the MP3 MAG team has compiled a list of five essentials to get you prepped for the show. 

Stacked Support

Eprom truly knows how to curate a remarkable show experience from top to bottom. With one of the most important aspects of show curation being the support lineup, we knew that his selection of artists were going to be top-tier.

Eprom Announces “Syntheism Robotics” Show at Mission Ballroom

Support for this show includes VCTRE, Esseks B2B DMVU, and Denver local- Mux Mool. Be sure to get there early to catch all of these sets!

Protect Your Hearing

Mission Ballroom is the first venue in the United States to use d&b Audiotechnik’s newest sound system that is equipped with noise-canceling technology. This new development was created to reduce the amount of music that escapes from the backs and sides of speakers, therefore projecting the sound farther into the crowd. Because of this amazing technology, the sound inside Mission Ballroom is crisp, but loud, so don’t forget your ear plugs!

Discover Eprom’s Latest Album, Syntheism 

MP3 MAG sat down with Eprom back in May to discuss all things Syntheism. In this interview, he discussed the construction of his first album in ten years and the impressive details behind how the Syntheism Robotics show was created. Before you head to the venue, check out the interview to get the full experience. 

Securing the perfect spot

This show is set out to be Eprom’s largest curated event to date. With the Portland show selling out, we don’t doubt that Denver will do the same. Mission Ballroom can accommodate anywhere between 2200 and 3950 guests, with standing and seating room for fans. Even though the robotic arms that Eprom is bringing are 21 feet tall, they have an LED screen that you’ll want to be able to see during the set. So, make sure to get there at a decent time to secure yourself a good spot. 

Arrive and leave safely

Safety is always the number one priority, whether it be inside the venue, on your way to or from it! Come prepared with a designated driver, or split an Uber or Lyft with your friends if you know you will not be able to drive. Mission Ballroom has a rideshare lot located at the corner of 39th and Wynkoop making it even easier to catch a ride. It is important to watch out for each other to ensure we all stay safe, so if you see something, say something!

If you haven’t secured your ticket already, you can purchase them at www.eprombeats.com. This show will sell out, so grab your ticket and come join us for an unimaginable experience that is sure to make electronic music history!


Ashley is a founding member of the MP3 MAG team, as well as a recent Florida State University graduate. She currently resides in Tampa, Florida, where she has been immersed into the electronic music community and discovered her passion for music journalism. Her favorite hobbies include going to concerts, music festivals and traveling.