Eprom at Syntheism Robotics Show In Portland Taken by Tyler Hill

MP3 PREP: 5 Essentials for Eprom’s Syntheism Robotics Show At Mission Ballroom

After an incredible turn-out at the first Syntheism Robotics show in Portland, Eprom and his team are gearing up to take the 21-foot robots on tour. The next stop on their journey is the highly anticipated show this Saturday, July 29 at Denver’s infamous Mission Ballroom. To ensure a worry-free weekend, the MP3 MAG team […]

photo of man in a black hat with a red light across his face

Syntheism Unveiled: Exploring Eprom’s Musical Odyssey

Uncover the genius behind Eprom’s musical odyssey as we delve into his innovative album, Syntheism. Discover how Eprom blurs genre boundaries, harnesses the solitude of lockdown, and reshapes electronic music through creativity and experimentation. Experience the synergy of robotics and surrealism in his live shows, and journey through the labyrinth of his transformative soundscapes. Your exploration of the avant-garde starts here.

MP3 SELECTS featuring BYNX, FISHER, and Eprom.

MP3 SELECTS: Playlists & New Music from BYNX, FISHER, Eprom & More

MP3 SELECTS: New Music Releases – June 12th, 2023

Featuring new single releases from:


Press photo of Eprom.

Eprom Announces “Syntheism Robotics” Show at Mission Ballroom

The electronic music community is buzzing with excitement as legendary producer Eprom announces his highly-anticipated, headlining “Syntheism Robotics” show at Denver’s Mission Ballroom on July 29, in support of his first album in a decade, Syntheism. A trailblazer in the electronic music scene, Eprom is set to captivate the audience with his unique fusion of […]

G Jones release artwork for Illusory Tracks EP

G Jones Releases Highly Anticipated Masterpiece, Illusory Tracks EP

Delving into the creative mind that is G Jones can be a daunting task for anyone, considering the immense range of soundscapes and tracks this project has created since its conception. With each forthcoming release, G Jones has not failed to compile some of the most insane blended energies, tempo switch-ups, and unique sounds to […]

Live photo from Dubaween 2021

The Sights and Sounds of Dubaween 2021

Sacred Hive Productions’ fifth annual Dubaween wins the award for Nashville’s dopest Halloween party. For two days, fans got to enjoy fabulously spooky decorations, bumping bass music, and top acts in the genre. Artists such as Yheti, Shlump, and Smoakland wowed fans at Further Farms on the spookiest night of the year. Despite the rain, […]

Photo of REZZ at Red Rocks

REZZ Rocks Rules: Canada’s Superstar is Inspiring a Generation

It wasn’t too long ago that a headlining woman was a rarity in electronic music, but lead ladies like REZZ are making it status quo while inspiring a whole generation to dream big. 26-year old Isabelle Rezazadeh—known globally as REZZ—has taken the electronic world by storm with bass-heavy house, enigmatic visuals, and her hypnotic pair […]

REZZ Rocks II Live photo taken by Tessa Paisan

REZZ Recruits Stacked Lineup for Return to Red Rocks [Fest Feature]

After almost 2 years since her last performance headline show at one of the country’s most beloved venues, REZZ is ready to bring her 3rd installment of REZZ Rocks back to Colorado. With the wild success of her first two Red Rocks headline events in 2018 & 2019, the REZZ team decided to expand the […]