Crowd of people dancing at a music festival under colorful lights.

MP3 PREP: 4 Acts That Will Blow Your Mind at Lightning in a Bottle 2024

As the festival season charges full steam ahead, the preparation for each event becomes a task in itself. Welcome to MP3 PREP, your ultimate guide to navigating the pulsating world of music festivals. Here’s what you need to know about the Lightning in a Bottle 2024 music festival.

Lightning in a Bottle (LIB) is what we like to call an “S Tier Festival.” From the beautiful dessert location in Buena Vista Lake, California, to the expertly crafted lineup which always hosts the most prominent acts across electronic music, both old and new Lightning in a Bottle 2024 is every festival-goer’s dream. 

As always, LIB’s lineup touches all corners of the dance music world, but there are four acts that we’re especially excited for this year. Here’s why.


DJ Tipper playing a set on stage in front of a blue LED wall
Photo Credits: Exron Music

If you haven’t gotten “Tipped” yet (a term used to describe the disorienting experience Tipper provides during his live performances), Lightning in a Bottle 2024 is one of your last chances before the Tipper project takes an indefinite hiatus beginning next year.

Getting Tipped is a right of passage for festival-goers and bass music fanatics alike. That’s because Tipper’s sets are infamous for their strange, disorienting nature and deliberate left-field sonic odysseys. It’s not always an easy experience to go through, and it’s not uncommon to witness feelings of existential crisis, accompanied by Tipper’s iconic question mark visuals hidden throughout the performance. But that’s the whole point. Sit back, hold on, and enjoy the ride.


ISOxo (alongside Knock2) is currently leading trap music into a new “golden age” defined by energetic showmanship, massive sound design and raw passion. Throughout the past three years, he’s cultivated one of the most engaged communities trap music has ever seen. And the genre, as a whole, has seen a massive resurgence as a result.

If there’s one word that describes ISOxo, it’s “energy.” The man is like an energizer bunny powered by trap drums and relentless bass lines. Plus, his music and performance takes every opportunity to embrace punk culture and aesthetics — from his red hair and emo attire to his rage-inspired vocal samples and blood-red visuals, ISOxo is as punk as trap music has ever been. 

it’s Murph

It's Murph — man smiling with glasses on, outside, wearing a black and white stripped shirt
Photo Credits: Insomniac Music

A year ago, while attending the University of Southern California, it’s Murph’s professor gave him a unique homework assignment: “create a song around a story.” Thus, the viral track, “Food For the Soul” was born.

But it’s Murph didn’t just record the song; he documented his creative process and churned out content for TikTok, where the song amassed tens of millions of views. Clearly, people were impressed — a few months later, he played his first live performance as the it’s Murph project at Coachella. 

Since then, his momentum has increased ten-fold, led by his melodic stutter house aesthetic and youthful, stoked-on-life demeanor. it’s Murph makes music that is indeed, food for the soul. If you’re hungry for emotional house music, it’s Murph has a four course meal waiting for you.

Barclay Crenshaw

2024 will forever be known as the year Claude VonStroke embraced his true identity as Barclay Crenshaw. This is a moment you don’t want to miss out on.

Claude VonStroke, the founder of Dirty Bird Records and leading tastemaker in the North American techno scene, is one of the most influential techno and house music artists of the last 20 years. But in 2024, he’s shifting form and embracing his bass music project, Barclay Crenshaw, with full force. Fun fact: Barclay Crenshaw is actually his birth name. I guess he was always destined for greatness.

He’s already announced his Open Channel North American headline tour, which includes a special performance at The Caverns (which sold out in less than 24 hours). He’s also released three singles for his upcoming album, and they’re all bangers. He’s been spotted bringing hip-hop dancers on stage to perform while he rips through his sets for some added flair, so we might get something similar at Lightning in a Bottle this year. 



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