Friendship Festival 2024 — DJ playing on a packed cruise ship at sunset.

MP3 ROUNDUP — Friendship 2024 Lineup Announced, Lab Group Teases 2 New Tracks, DIESEL (Shaq) Drops Debut Album and More

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1. Skrillex to Headline Friendship 2024 + Lineup Revealed

Dubstep, house music, and the open ocean… what else could we possibly want? Oh, Skrillex is throwing a private party in Belize to celebrate the occasion? First, you had our attention. Now, you have our money.

Friendship is a seven day music extravaganza taking place January 6-11, 2024, featuring an expansive palette of electronic music and entertainment. In addition to Skrillex, the massive lineup includes acts like Chris Lake, Mersiv, Rusko, Destructo, Desert Hearts, Chris Lorenzo, A Hundred Drums and a wide variety of up-and-coming acts across the dubstep and house music community.

Did I mention there will be professional skaters performing stunts on board, and stand-up comedians cracking jokes at the onboard comedy club? Yeah, this one is going to be a party for the ages.

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2. Lab Group Announces 2 New Tracks

It’s been a long two years since Lab Group released their debut album, Lab Group I, to massive critical acclaim and commercial success, earning the late Charlesthefirst-led supergroup the cover of MP3 MAG‘s first print edition and popularizing their subtle, melodic experimental bass aesthetic. It also put Supertask, Potions, Player Dave, and tiedye ky on the map in a big way, and cultivated a cult-like following for the Lab Group members, which have been adamant about honoring Charlesthefirst’s distinct vision since his tragic passing in December, 2021.

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3. DIESEL (AKA Shaq) Drops Debut Album, GORILLA WARFARE

Forget solar power or natural gas. Right now, we’re all about DIESEL. The dubstep powerhouse known as DIESEL (Shaquille O’Neal’s headbanging alter ego) just dropped his debut album, GORILLA WARFARE, via Monstercat. Not even out for a full day, GORILLA WARFARE has already racked up more than 2 million streams on Spotify. The album is 10 tracks long and features collaborations with Jessica Audiffred, Kompany, Crankdat, and more. It’s 31 minutes of pure, unadulterated filth, with drops strong enough to snap your spine and beats that bang hard enough to have you needing a chiropractor when it’s all over.

4. Disco Lines Announces ‘Good Good’ Tour

It’s safe to say that the Colorado-based DJ and producer known as Disco Lines is having an incredible year. After playing his first Electric Forest set and launching his own independent record label (Good Good Records), the artist just announced his upcoming “Good Good Tour,” set to launch this fall. Fans know him from his energetic remixes and feel-good original tracks like “Baby Girl” and “Restless Bones.” Now, they will have the chance to experience him live and in person. The ‘Good Good Tour’ kicks off October 6 in Chico, California and will continue until January 2024. Notable shows include a night at Concord Music Hall in Chicago and a night at Mission Ballroom in Denver. Grab your tickets here, and be sure to follow Disco Lines on all social platforms.

5. Super Future and Wreckno Release ‘BASSLINE’ on HypnoVizion

Get your twerking muscles ready, ‘cause this one is big. Super Future and Wreckno, the duo that brought us ASS THROWERS ANONYMOUS, just released a new banger. This one is a single called “Bassline,” and was released on August 18 via REZZ’s label, HypnoVizion.

“Bassline” blends together both artists’ styles seamlessly. The opening, a darkly melodic progression that could only come from the mind of Super Future, eventually gives way to the lava-hot bars for which Wreckno is known. Bump this one while you’re getting ready for work or during your next hike or workout to get your energy flowin’ and your glutes ready for throwin’!


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