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MP3 SELECTS: Playlists + New Music from Shlump, EAZYBAKED, Jungle & More

In the modern era, distribution services push out over 60,000 new tracks every single day. How do you cut through all the noise, select what to listen to, and boost your playlist game? Introducing MP3 SELECTS, our weekly rundown of new music releases and our updated playlists on Spotify. Check out this week’s round up below:

Shlump – Alien Bass”

Following the success of his collaboration with Smoakland in February, Shlump continues to rock bassheads with his new single, “Alien Bass.” Out via Deadbeats, Shlump taps collaborator Charles Ryan Slowley to showcase some gritty, classic dubstep with west coast flavor. Clocking in just over two minutes, the new single is chock full of wonky bass, west coast hip-hop flare, and otherworldly sound design that is sure to take you on a psychedelic spaceship ride through the cosmos of bass.

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EAZYBAKED, Wreckno – “Stomper”

What do you get when you combine pioneering bass duo EAZYBAKED with bass producer and rapper Wreckno? A high-energy dancefloor anthem that is sure to make your boots stomp to the ground. Appropriately titled, “Stomper,” the highly anticipated collaboration makes a home on the Deadbeats label, combining deep basslines, provocative lyrics, and all-around sassy and dirty sound production. The new single also marks EAZYBAKED’s first ever single with a vocalist, deeming it even more of an irresistible party track that deafens the white noise of life away once played.

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Jungle, Erick the Architect – “Candle Flame”

As Jungle’s first single release of the year, “Candle Flame” literally lights up a fire on all things groovy. While the group is known to boast an old-school disco sound, “Candle Flame” takes it up a notch thanks to collaborator and rapper Erick the Architect. The track swirls a funky backing melody and old school rhythms as Erick lays down catchy and passionate hooks. The result bursts a track full of vibrant sound production and good-feel energy that makes it impossible to be mad while listening to.

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Elderbrook – “Just Like Us”

Amidst his current sold-out tour, Elderbrook delights fans with his new album, Just Like Us. The masterful opener, “Just Like Us,” features melodic electronic beats and soulful vocals, expertly blending introspective lyrics with immersive soundscapes. Clocking in at just over three minutes, “Just Like Us” showcases the innovative artistry that has propelled Elderbrook’s live shows to high demand. The single’s uplifting energy, infectious hooks, and ethereal synths mirror the euphoric atmosphere of his performances, reinforcing his status as one of electronic music’s most groundbreaking creators, both on stage and in the studio.

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Rich Furniss, Morsy & Buck – “Desire”

Brooklyn-based powerhouse Rich Furniss joins forces with Morsy and Buck to deliver “Desire,” a techno-infused track that stays true to his classic house roots. Released on Quincy Boy Records, where Furniss is now a partner, “Desire” features pulsing synths and punchy percussion that form the backbone of a hypnotic soundscape. Seductive vocal samples further amplify the track’s energy, making it an irresistible dance-floor anthem and a must-have for DJs’ arsenals. With a rapidly growing fan base and over 500,000 streams since launching his alias in 2021, Rich Furniss’ momentum and aggressive release schedule make him an artist to watch in 2023.

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[Playlist for Bass, Dubstep, Downtempo, Experimental, Trap]:

New Music Featured This Week (March 27 – April 2):

“Alien Bass” – Shlump, Charles Ryan Slowley

“Stomper” – EAZYBAKED, Wreckno

“Peregrine” – Floret Loret, Low Poly

“Smokin’ Dat Spliff” – Boogie T

“Trials” (Jon Casey Remix) – NGHTMRE, Jon Casey


“Final Round” – Ruvlo

“THE POWER!” – Juelz


“Obsidian Soul” – Bainbridge, SISTO

“Judo” – Badklatt

“Mutation” – Eliminate

“The Curse” – BLOODSET


[Playlist for House, Techno]: 

New Music Featured This Week (March 27 – April 2):

“Key To Me” – Born Dirty, Tayla

“Everything” – Walschlager

“Dummy” – Portugal. The Man, Chris Lake

“Desire” – Rich Furniss, Morsy, Andrew Charles

“Be The One” – Eli Brown

“All Night” – Fish Scale

“Feed Your Soul” – Biscits, Max Mylo

“Peach” – salute, Sammy Virji 

“Whew” – Paul C, Paolo Martini 

“Alive” – Franky Wah, Vintage Culture

“Supermonster” – Blake.08

“Nothing Left To Lose” (Four Tet Remix) – Everything But The Girl, Four Tet

“Baby Play” – DM 90

“West Coast Style” – Friend Within

“In Sequence” – Kasablanca

“Gen-X” – Disfreq

“Kick Drums” – Kyle Watson

“Move Like This” – BROHUG

“Super C” – Deborah de Luca

DNB 101

[Playlist for Diverse DnB for Beginners & Diehards]: 

New Music Featured This Week (March 27 – April 2):

“Close Your Eyes” – Alignment

“Infinity” – Wilkinson, ILIRA, iiola, Tom Cane

“Heart On Fire” – ShockOne, Pauline Herr

“One Taste” – More Plastic, URBANO

“Only Us” – Dima Pulsar, Ayah Marar

“Lesson Learned” – Telomic

“Sweet Relief” – Sustance, Duskee, Zara Kershaw, Pola & Bryson 

“Death Toll” – Avile

“Riders In The Sky” – Teddy Killerz

“Die 4 You” – CaitC, SYNGA

“Regenerate” – Sol Pillars

“WORTH NOTHING” (Ft. Oliver Tree) – TWISTED, James Hiraeth, Oliver Tree

“Let Me Hold You” (Grafix Remix) – Netsky, Hybrid Minds, Grafix

“Osho” – Rohaan, MRSA


[Playlist for Live-Electronic, Jam, Funk]:

New Music Featured This Week (March 27 – April 2:

“Candle Flame” – Jungle, Erick the Architect 

“Silver Lining” – Super Duper, Daniella Mason

“Everyone Moves to LA” – Ric Wilson, Chromeo. A-Trak, Felicia Douglass

“Roller” – Polyrhythmics

“Swamp Wise” – Saxsquatch, CHOMPO

“Midnight Ridah” – Collidoscope, Gold N Soul 

“Good Lies” – Overmono

“Catch The Dream” – Kolter

“I Feel Strange” – Medasin

“Myriad Poem” – Hucci

“There’s Another Life 4 U” – Shallou


“Dive” – Taiki Nulight, Rue More

“Makin Moves” – Troyboi, Mr. Carmack

“Take Me Home” – Two Feet, Bec Lauder

“Odyssey” – Village

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