Collage photo of Kendrick Lamar, Sabrina Carpenter, who are set to perform at Lollapalooza 2023

Lollapalooza 2023 I Five Bangers From Friday’s Lineup

On August 4, 2023, the annual Lollapalooza festival in Chicago will feature over 40 artists, including popular acts such as Kendrick Lamar and The 1975. This sonic extravaganza promises to delight both music enthusiasts and seasoned festival-goers, as well as newcomers. For those attending the festival’s second day, here are five must-know songs to prepare for the experience.

Sabrina Carpenter – “Nonsense”

Does talking nonsense sound like fun? Sabrina Carpenter, who began her music career at the age of nine by posting covers on YouTube, has come a long way. At just 14 years old, she starred in Girl Meets World on Disney Channel, released several solo albums, and lent her voice to the theme songs of a few Disney Channel shows. Now a popular pop singer, Sabrina’s single “Nonsense” is a fan favorite, featuring flirtatious lyrics and an infectious beat that never lets up. The song crescendos to a satisfying bass drop and a playful, pop-leaning rap verse, with the best part being the outro. At every show, Sabrina freestyles the outro, incorporating the location of the performance, showcasing her musical talent and improvisational skills while the audience jumps to her tunes.

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Subtronics- “Tuba Demon”

If you’re looking for a song that matches the energy of a horror movie, a wild party, and the score of Nightmare Before Christmas, Subtronics‘ “Tuba Demon” is the perfect choice. This track begins with light synth fluttering and an interpolation of bells, building up to resounding percussion. Just before the first mini-drop, a lyricist announces, “It’s that time.” When played at a festival like Grant Park, the track is sure to get the crowd moving. Mixing otherworldly effects with baby scratches, “Tuba Demon” builds up to a monumental beat drop that’s impossible not to dance to. With lyrics like “get on my level” and “hot as the devil” sprinkled throughout, this track is perfect for headbanging and letting loose. So if you’re in need of a high-energy song, look no further than Subtronics’ “Tuba Demon.”

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Jessie Reyez- “Shutter Island”

Jessie Reyez brings an unparalleled combination of energy, humbleness, spirituality, and vocal range to the stage. The Canadian singer is known for her candid exploration of the abuse and mistreatment prevalent in the music industry in songs like “Gatekeeper” and her focus on social commentary regarding colonialism and deportation. In “Great One,” Jessie delves into her biggest hopes and dreams of bringing pride and success to her family. To prepare for a Reyez set, check out her song “Shutter Island.” The alternating keys open into a verse of Reyez relaying a toxic relationship where her partner condescends to her, making her feel lucky to be with them. Jessie’s powerhouse vocals, combined with the complementing snare, convey her entrapment, equating the confines of a straitjacket to the strain of an unloving partner. However, midway through the song, Jessie reclaims her sanity and identity, declaring, “for a second I forgot I was a bad bitch, begging you to stay became a habit, I’m tired of begging you to love me.” This moment is one of pure liberation and solidarity, and the audience will undoubtedly rage and scream along with Reyez. So if you’re ready for a powerful and emotionally charged performance, be sure to check out Jessie Reyez at her next show.

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Fred again.. – “Rumble

If you’re looking for some chill downtempo house music to wind down after a day of headbanging, Fred Again is the perfect choice. Unlike Subtronics’ intense beats, Fred Again’s music incorporates everyday conversations and has a more relaxed vibe. One standout track is his collaboration with Skrillex and Flowdan, which anthropomorphizes the word “rumble” and infuses it with vivacity. The chorus features decrescendoing scratch beats that fizzle in and out, while deep vocals intone “you hear that? Killers in the jungle.” The beat transports listeners to a jungle teeming with wildlife, as predators and prey prepare for battle in the unkempt terrain. So if you’re looking for a track to relax and unwind to, Fred Again’s collaboration with Skrillex and Flowdan is the perfect choice.

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Kendrick Lamar – “Alright”

Festivals are meant to be a safe space for individuals to unwind and enjoy the music, surrounded by an endless air of good vibes. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, but when Kendrick Lamar is set to headline the main stage at Lollapalooza, it’s almost impossible not to feel a surge of excitement. Thousands will chant along with his iconic refrain, “We gon be alright,” and the calming nature of Kendrick’s truthful anecdotes and underdog messages will soothe any trials, tribulations, heartbreak, or heartache the audience has faced. Kendrick’s captivating musicianship, lyrical genius, and abundant energy make him the perfect finale to an energy-fueled Friday lineup. So if you’re looking for an unforgettable festival experience, don’t miss Kendrick Lamar’s performance at Lollapalooza.

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