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MP3 SETS: Top 20 Live DJ Sets Shared On YouTube [JANUARY]

While Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud are the primary platforms to share and listen to new music, YouTube is the most prominent source to discover captivating live performances from mainstream and underground artists alike. Through today’s technology, venues, festivals, and DJs can record mesmerizing sets with multiple drone and camera shots. They can then upload the footage to YouTube so fans can witness the magic as if they were there in person.

Welcome to our monthly series, where MP3 MAG rounds up the top 20 live sets, covering a broad spectrum of genres and electronic music-based acts. Take a trip across the globe and immerse yourself in new audiovisual experiences with the best sets from January:

20) Zyce Vs Flegma at Universo Paralello 2024

Universo Paralello (parallel universe) is arguably Brazil’s most iconic festival. Taking place from December 27, 2023, to January 3, 2024, this New Year’s festival features a wide spectrum of talents across South America and beyond. Mainly hosting melodic techno and trance artists, Zyce and Flegma team up for a high-energy psytrance performance, with an awesome set movie to go along with it.

19) Space 92 at Input Barcelona Techno DJ Set

Although it is not the full four-hour marathon set, the first two hours from Space 92’s takeover at Input Barcelona is far greater than sufficient. Space 92 has become a staple at Ultra’s worldwide events, and especially Ultra RESISTANCE. Championing hard techno anthems throughout this multi-camera recorded set, it is obvious to see why he has been featured on so many of their lineups.

18) Beastboi. | Live From Denver

If you are into riddim and underground bass music, then clubstudiotime is the event brand to know. The concept is simple: put an invigorating heavy dubstep DJ in front of a board in a white room with a stacked crew of hyped up ravers behind them. Despite these sets already being extremely entertaining and fun to watch, Beastboi. throws it down with stone-cold chops and bone-rattling IDs

17) Flight Facilities – The Final Decades Set of 2023 at Beyond The Valley

Emerging in 2009, Flight Facilities has become one of Australia’s most original and creative electronic-based duos. Their ‘Decades Sets’ have been an absolute hit, highlighting, mixing, and remixing some of the greatest hits from each era. Closing out 2023, they perform what very well might be their final decades set at Beyond The Valley, Australia. The vibes are immaculate across this two hour set, which features specials guests like Owl Eyes and Ric Rufio.


Marc Rebillet is just one of those guys who are impossible not to like. His raw, authentic, and objectively weird energy is incredible to witness, whether in-person or streaming one of his live sets. Everything Marc does in his live sets is improv, which makes the experience that much more special. He has kicked off 2024 with a series of ‘DADDY DOES’ livestreams, hitting the streets of Venice, Vegas, Chicago, and Denver.

15) Deathpact at DEF

Even though his identity is a mystery, Deathpact has a way of commanding a crowd, asserting his dominance through emphatic bass music and skull-crushing production. Combine this with top-notch camera work, production teams, and visuals to end up with nearly an hour and a half long live set that will knock your socks off. Deathpact uses retro-looking synthesizers, drum pads, and more, consistently spicing things up throughout this set.

14) Vintage Culture live at Thunder Machine – Goiânia

Taking the Art Car concept to the next level, Vintage Culture’s Thunder Machine embodies a Burning Man-inpsired stage within a festival. Known for his extended sets and ability to keep a crowd locked in for more than five hours at a time, Vintage Culture is a master at his craft. This set shows different settings of Vintage ripping the decks of the Thunder Machine in 4K.

13) salute b2b Barry Can’t Swim – Live at Lost Sundays (Sydney)

This is easily one of the most historic sets in recent times. Taking two of the brightest new stars in dance music, specifically disco house, Lost Sundays’ unites salute and Barry Can’t Swim for a euphoric three-hour set. It is a set full of dancing, smiles, and stellar mixing.

12) HUGEL Live at Avant Gardner (Brooklyn Mirage)

The king of Latin house has been on an absolute tear over the course of the last two years. His throne in this set is the massive indoor venue of Avant Gardner’s The Great Hall. As usual, HUGEL ‘makes the girls dance’ with his fusion of Afro House, Latin soundscapes, provocative vocal-based tracks, and more.

11) CloZee – Microworlds Live From Mission Ballroom

Go an adventure to unprecedented sonic worlds with a mesmerizing audiovisual display from CloZee. Performed on December 30th at Denver’s Mission Ballroom, this set was an amazing way to close out the year. CloZee’s beats are empowering, and her visuals are vibrant and dazzling throughout this hour and a half set. She includes a setlist as well, containing hits like “VISIONS,” “Color Of Your Soul,” and “Back To The Top.”

10) Smooth Jazz House Music Mix [Flavour Trip]

A great change of pace for this countdown, Flavour Trip has consistently delivered joyful, vibe-packed sets since the emergence of their YouTube channel. The sensational curating and mixing duo chefs up a tasty meal while blending together airy jazz house. Beyond the music, a driving component of this set is its setting, a spacious and nicely decorated house, with a relaxing pool area and sunny afternoon looming in the background.

9) Patrick Topping DJ Set Live – Trick Tenerife Pool Party 2023

Trick label boss Patrick Topping has a rare skill set where he can adjust his set and music selection to whatever environment he finds himself in. This skill set is put on display for the entirety of the two-hour pool party mix below. There are no phones out which is great to see; everyone is dancing, laughing, splashing around, and having the time of their lives.

8) Miss Monique – Yearmix 2023 in Miami

Fulfilling the fantasy of the progressive and melodic techno community, Miss Monique’s 2023 yearly set encompasses her favorite tracks within these genres over the twelve-month period. Blessing her listeners with all the names and artists behind the songs on the mix, the tracklist can be found here. The queen of melodic techno’s MiMo Weekly Podcasts (sets) have amassed a global following and tens of millions of collective views.

7) it’s murph at elrow 2023 – Radius Chicago

Bursting out onto the scene with his remarkable stutter house anthems last year, such as “Food For The Soul,” and “Lost,” it’s murph continues to climb his way to the pinnacle of the live performance circuit. This set is a must-watch for multiple reasons, with the first being the California-based budding star’s song choice and layering of groovy tracks. This is followed by the spectacular decorative scenery of elrow at Radius Chicago, the camera-work, and it’s murphs funky outfit accompanied by his infectious stage presence.

6) Ganja White Night – Lost Lands 2023

All the moshpit and headbanging from Lost Lands 2023 is finallly being unleashed to the public eye. Artists have been posting their sets from the world’s premiere bass music festival throughout January. In addition to performances from rocktronic phenom Sullivan King and Funtcase b2b PhaseOne, Ganja White Night dropped their jaw-dropping set last week. It is overflowing with wobbles, Ganja classics like “Headband,” and face-melting visuals.

5) Victor Lou – Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

From GWN, let’s head way down south to Rio de Janeiro for a spellbinding house and techno set from a top Brazil DJ contender in Victor Lou. This set is part of the Summer All Day series, reflecting a natural beauty and positive vibes radiating from the capital city. This party sheds light on the fact that you do not always need a giant stage and fairgrounds to put on a show, sometimes letting loose in the streets makes for the best celebration of electronic music.

4) SUAT live from NAMM 2024

SUAT is widely recognized as the world’s funniest and most talented mobile DJ. What better place to put his funky selection of house and versatility of the board on display than NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants). The major music-centric conference in Anaheim, California is the home to the latest technology from the biggest and most advanced music production brands. This set from SUAT is the first-ever OMNIS-DUO (a brand-new DJ board) mobile set.

3) Under Construction: Holllywood Blvd., Los Angeles

A groundbreaking and historic performance, Chris Lake and FISHER delivered a sequence of tech house heaters for their joint event series and project, Under Construction. This is the first time house DJs have shut down the famous Hollywood Blvd for a legendary rager. It is incredible to see the overhead drone footage of thousands of attendees piling into the street to dance the night away during this three-hour set.

2) KREAM Presents LIQUID : LAB Vol. 10

It is always a good day when KREAM drops a new edition of their remarkable LIQUID : LAB series. These mixes have broken down barriers across dance music, combining high-level drone and camera-work with picturesque destinations across the globe, this one being the Loen Skylift. In KREAM fashion, the Norwegian brothers Daniel and Markus play a ton of original mashups, remixes, and unreleased IDs, along with chart-topping tracks from Eric Prydz, Keinemusik, and Gordo.

1) Diplo – Live in Antarctica 2023

To earn the #1 spot of the month, the live set truly has to be something special. It needs to reflect outstanding music, seamless mixing, and an element that has never been seen or heard before. That is why Diplo’s live set in Antarctica has achieved the gold medal for January. He has now played sets on every continent, and is the first DJ to play on a cruise in Antarctica while posting a live set.

The icy mountains and breathtaking view is matched with Diplo’s meticulously curated tracklist. Teaming up with the Ocean Conservation to Preserve Antarctica for this mix, you can donate to the cause by scrolling under the video on YouTube.