LED screen depicting a red anime character with four arms live at a concert.

MP3 TAKES: Metal Reigns Supreme on the BABYKLOK 2024 Tour

Introducing MP3 TAKES, our event review series where we dive deep into the exhilarating world of music festivals and live performances. In an era teeming with music events worldwide, our aim is to help you navigate through the noise and uncover the most captivating experiences. Join us on this adventure to highlight the backstage stories, memorable moments, and unique elements that made the Dethklok and BABYMETAL tour one-of-a-kind.

For fans of the Adult Swim show Metalocalypse, this long awaited return of Dethklok was nothing short of spectacular.

In October of 2013 the metal community thought it had seen the last episode of Metalocalyspe. Leaving a massive hole we were not sure would ever be filled. Then, right on schedule for the 10 year reboot cycle, Dethklok came back in full force with BABYMETAL.

With Dethklok being an animated band and anything but conventional, BABYMETAL seemed like the perfect choice to join them on the BABYKLOK tour. 

Dethklok plays a nostalgic set through and through

Dethklok San Francisco 2024 Photo Credit: Phuckitphoto

Everyone that attended the BABYKLOK tour at The Masonic in San Francisco California got just what they wanted.

Favorite characters from the show stopped by for laughs and the most brutal of breakdowns. We got to see the band back together, from Tokit o Nathan Explosion, but we also got treated to our favorite side characters like Facebone and Dr. Rockso. 

Entirely jokingly (we hope), Dethklok loves to hate on their fanbase, often referring to fans as “douchebags” and “regular jackoffs” in the animated series. This behavior is hilarious when translated from the screen to the stage.

At one point in the show the band entirely stopped the music to tease the crowd and tell them how dumb they are, and that is why “The merch is conveniently located in the easiest places to find, right by the bar.” Then the band mercilessly continued to shred until the crowds faces melted entirely off. 

BABYMETAL Took Us on a Journey to a New Side of the Metal World  

BABYMETAL plays music to large crowd with their logo behind them
BABYMETAL San Francisco 2024 Photo Credit: Phuckitphoto

For many, this was an introduction to something new. But to most, they were here for BABYMETAL.

With a merch line that spanned half of the venue and then up three flights of stairs, it’s clear that San Francisco loves BABYMETAL. A massive amount of people were in the merch line for the entirety of the first two bands. This really showed us just how much star power this group is bringing to the US.

Traveling all the way from Tokyo to bring their own unique flair to the metal scene, BABYMETAL is not a show to be missed.

The feeling of brutal blast beats meets fun and poppy vocals, switching back and forth from Japanese to English lyrics. The combination felt like a sweet and spicy for your eardrums.

Taking over the US on the tour with Dethklok but we also had the pleasure of seeing them rock Sick New World in Las Vegas. 

Additional photos of BABYMETAL and Dethklok:

black and red photo of BABYMETAL on stage
BABYMETAL San Francisco 2024 Photo Credit: Phuckitphoto
BABYMETAL strikes a pose on stage
BABYMETAL San Francisco 2024 Photo Credit: Phuckitphoto
Facebone from Metalocalypse is on a large screen at a metal concert
Dethklok San Francisco 2024 Photo Credit: Phuckitphoto
View of the stage from the top row of a metal concert
Dethklok San Francisco 2024 Photo Credit: Phuckitphoto
Cartoon Egyptian pharaoh ejaculating fire on a large screen while a metal band plays a large concert
Dethklok San Francisco 2024 Photo Credit: Phuckitphoto




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