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MP3 TAKES: Miami Music Week 2024 Shines Despite Rain Thanks to Alison Wonderland, Diversity, & More

Introducing MP3 TAKES, our event review series where we dive deep into the exhilarating world of music festivals and live performances. In an era teeming with music events worldwide, our aim is to help you navigate through the noise and uncover the most captivating experiences. Join us on this adventure to highlight the backstage stories, memorable moments, and unique elements that make each event one-of-a-kind.

Miami Music week is one of the most coveted week-long parties in North American rave culture.

Built originally around Winter Music Conference (WME), which is currently on hiatus, and Ultra Music Festival in Miami’s beautiful Bayfront Park, the multi-day excursion includes raves encompassing all EDM subgenres across Miami, at all hours of the day and night.

Of course, Ultra is an experience in its own right. And Club Space is iconic for a reason (if you paid the $300+ ticket price to see the sunrise at Club Space during MMW, we salute you). Then, there’s Factory Town, which hosts the biggest after-hours parties in the city, featuring headliners like Black Coffee, John Summit, and Mochakk.

And we can’t forget about the South Beach pool parties! Although, this year, they were (mostly) rained out, so we can only imagine how fun they would have been if the weather cooperated.

But, if you ask us, the REAL party took place in the warehouses scattered across Miami’s luxurious Wynwood neighborhood. From DEF’s debut Miami Music Week event with Detox Unit to the third annual Deadbeats Vs. Cyclops Records, dubstep shined in all its glory. Let’s talk about it.

DEF x Detox Unit

Photo courtesy of DEF.

This one was special. 

If you’re unfamiliar, DEF a promotion and events company based out of Atlanta that’s become a legendary figure in North American rave culture throughout the past four years. Known for their 360 stage production, remote rave locations (like under an Atlanta bridge), and distinct visual brand and recorded sets, DEF is leading rave culture to new heights in a massive way. This time, Detox Unit steered the ship.

The Detox Unit and DEF partnership makes perfect sense — both parties represent a brand that embraces raw rave culture and pushes back against the watering down of contemporary electronic music that has accompanied North America’s rising interest in festivals and EDM at large.

So, it makes sense that the DEF’s debut Miami Music Week event was held in the small MANA 320 warehouse, with minimal production and massive sound.

The ethos of this event was simple: Get back to the roots of DeeJaying, both technically and culturally, through the use of old-school sampling machines (which one?) and bare-bones production. And they NAILED it.

Even when the lights turned on at 3:00 AM, Detox Unit refused to stop playing. And the crowd refused to stop dancing. THAT is what raving is all about.

The Dead Room (SVDDEN DEATH)

SVDDEN DEATH DJ playing in a warehouse in Miami with red lights.
SVDDEN DEATH. Photo courtesy of BLNK CANVAS.

Also held in the Mana 320 warehouse, SVDDEN DEATH delivered a rare house and techno set that proved the Dubstep death metal DJ is more than just a hellbent riddim fanatic.

In fact, there was a distinct lack of satanic antics at The Dead Room show. No crazy costume, no demonic visuals; just raw, nasty techno and house beats from start to finish.

SVDDEN DEATH’s set was great. As you might imagine, the sort of house music SVDDEN DEATH spins is far from melodic. This isn’t Disco Lines or Tchami. It’s not even Dom Dolla. It’s industrial; it’s spooky; it’s relentless. But, more than anything, it’s surprising. In all the best ways.

But we also have to talk about one of the openers: AK Renny. Everything about AK Renny’s set, from her energized stage presence to her masterful selection of tunes, was top tier. Mixing classic R&B anthems into house bangers, and setting the dance floor on fire with flips of Odd Mob’s “Losing Control,” AK Renny controlled the room from start to finish, without ever letting the energy falter even for a second.

Deadbeats vs. Cyclops Records

DJs playing on stage with fog and red lights surrounding them
Deadbeats Vs. Cyclops records at the Mana Warehouse.

What better introduction to Miami Music Week than kicking off with the third annual Deadbeats vs. Cyclops Recordings party? Last Thursday, dubstep fans gathered in the Mana Warehouse in Wynwood to experience the epic lineup full of B2B sets that had the crowd moving all night.

From start to finish, the bass consumed the room and shook the walls, but there was one set in particular that people haven’t been able to stop talking about: Mersiv b2b Tape B.

Mersiv and Tape B were definitely a crowd favorite of the night, especially after showcasing their new track, “Stay Trippy” with the legend Juicy J. Yes… you heard that right. Mersiv and Tape B have a collab with Juicy J and it is HOT! Both artists have a distinct sound that works together perfectly, and it wouldn’t be surprising if we see more Mersiv B2B Tape B sets in the future.

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But the icing on the cake was the Zeds Dead B2B Subtronics set. The trio played a little bit of everything — from well-known collabs between the two and certified bangers that everyone can scream the lyrics to, to pure, classic dubstep, no stone was left unturned.

It’s safe to say that the third annual Deadbeats vs. Cyclops Recordings party might have been the best one yet.

DNBNL’s Worship Closing Party

DNBNL’s Worship Closing Party Drum and Bass is alive and thriving in the United States and Miami got a little taste of that Sunday night at the DNBNL show. The Brownies & Lemonade crew teamed up with WORSHIP and BLNK CNVS to carefully curate a massive lineup full of drum and bass artists that stayed unknown to the public until the show began. Even with a lineup full of question marks, the team was able to sell out the event weeks before the show date, and once the night started, the lineup did not disappoint.

Special guests for the evening consisted of a very rare Alison Wonderland dnb set, Sub Focus, Dimension, Culture Shock, 1991, Dirtyphonics and Rafeeki. Alison Wonderland’s set blew the crowd away. There is something so magical about immersing yourself in high-tempo drum and bass within the confines of a dimly lit warehouse in the heart of Miami, and she provided the exact vibes for it. Coming in hot with one heavy hitter after another, she commanded the crowd while her blonde braids bopped back and forth on stage. The WORSHIP crew did what they always do best, which was bless the crowd with their performance. Despite having graced the stages of Ultra, esteemed artists Sub Focus and Dimension showed no signs of fatigue as they brought their A-game to the afters, bringing even more energy to the dance floor.

Resilient BLNK CNVS Pool Party Series

Resilient BLNK CNVS Pool Party Series Despite the challenges posed by the weather, with active showers leading to the cancellation of Saturday’s pool parties with ILLENIUM and Mixmash’s 20th Anniversary, BLNK CNVS persevered. Mau P’s debut pool party at Surfcomber set the tone for the weekend, followed by an unforgettable Sunday closing set from Galantis. Martin Garrix delighted fans with a surprise set at his STMPD RCRDS showcase at Strawberry Moon, while Heldeep Records’ event was a smashing success. These moments underscored BLNK CNVS’s commitment to delivering top-notch experiences against all odds.

Photo courtesy of BLNK CNVS.

Oasis’ Ecosystem of Events

Oasis has emerged as a fan favorite for its extensive footprint and rich ecosystem of events. Highlights included the Anjunadeep and Louis The Child parties, each a hit with packed crowds and joyous vibes centered around the music and curation. These events showcased the magic of MMW, where fans could immerse themselves in a variety of sounds and atmospheres, all within the same venue.

Photo Courtesy of BLNK CVNS

Alison Wonderland’s Impactful Presence

Alison Wonderland reminded everyone why she’s a formidable force in the EDM scene. Not only did she go B2B with Kaskade at Brownies & Lemonade, but she also closed the weekend at the DNBNL Worship show, showcasing her versatility and prowess across different genres and stages. Wonderland’s performances were a highlight, proving her ability to captivate and energize audiences regardless of the setting.

Photo courtesy of BLNK CNVS.


Diversity and Fusion of Genres

MMW 2024 celebrated the fusion of genres, with events blending multiple musical styles within the same space. Fans experienced transitions from Nostalgix to Wooli B2B NGHTMRE, or SVDDEN DEATH’s unexpected house set amidst a lineup that included a DnB performance from Smoakland and a bass house hybrid set from AK Renny. This blending of sounds is a testament to the modern rise of dance music, demonstrating how today’s rave culture is evolving into a more cohesive and inclusive community.

Cameron Innis, one of the main organizers at BLNK CNVS, reflected on the challenges and triumphs of the event: “Music Week this year was definitely one of the most challenging years yet. However, once you take a step back to look at all that we’ve accomplished and how much we were able to achieve for the culture, you always leave the week feeling accomplished and refreshed ready to take on the next challenge.”

Photo courtesy of BLNK CNVS.



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