PEEKABOO performing at sunset music festival

PEEKABOO and Caspa Reload The Bass Cannons on New Single “Reload”

If you’re looking for new sounds to blast through your stereo, PEEKABOO and Caspa have you covered this week with their new single, “Reload.” A song that’s sure to rattle your windows (and probably your whole neighborhood), “Reload,” released on Deadbeats today, is a mirage of catastrophic bass and party-ready dubstep.

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There’s no question that PEEKABOO is one of the hottest producers in the bass scene right now. Having burst onto the scene in 2018, his explosion of bass bangers and rage-tailored tracks have cemented his place as a viable producer who never fails to deliver high energy and detonating performances. It makes sense, then, that PEEKABOO would team up with Caspa, a modern flagship in UK Dubstep, to give the world exactly what it needs – a simple, bass-ridden banger of pure joy.

“Reload” is the perfect companion to a high-speed car chase in a modern action film. Exploding buildings, devastating destruction and near-misses with oncoming trains are just a few of the scenes that come to mind while the words “I ain’t come for no reload” burst through the dizzying bass drops that could tear a skyscraper to the ground with their deafening frequencies.

“Reload” uses bass as a weapon – a bass cannon aiming towards an enemy pirate ship fighting the tides on a sea of relentless dubstep. No one is safe; it’s impossible to escape the powerful maelstrom, a vortex of grimy sound design under a thunderstorm of rumbling whomps.

Headbang to “Reload” at your own risk. Just don’t be surprised when your friendly neighborhood Karen reports you to the neighborhood watch.




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