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PlayTime Opens Up About Moving Out West, Finding His Way in the Trap Scene [Mix+Q&A]

Trey Peterson has always had a passion for music.

It wasn’t until after high school that he decided to make his passion a reality to start DJing and producing relentlessly. In 2015, he moved to Tallahassee for college, where he quickly started playing regular residencies and support performances. During this time, he became known for his blend of hip hop and everything electronic and eclectic. Having opened for the likes of Boombox Cartel, Chris Lake, Ekali, Habstrakt, Virutal Riot & Quix—along with playing at Okeechobee Music Festival in 2018—Peterson looks to keep pushing forward the fun and energetic sound PlayTime has become known for.

Behind his independent releases (“Break it,” “Perma”) and signature “Re-Play’s,” he always delivers with quality and diversity. With multiple weekly residencies, monthly releases, & major DJ support, this is only the start for the young DJ/producer.

MP3 MAG caught up with PlayTime to discuss his move from Florida to Cali, as well as all the music he’s been working on.

Check out the full PlayTime Q&A+Mix below:

What’s the origin of the PlayTime project? Where did you start with music?

PlayTime: PlayTime started in my sophomore year in college with my homie & former partner Matt. We were djing in Tallahassee, Florida & needed a stage name & in 2015 when I was back home for Christmas break my mom had a bottle of wine that said “PLAYTIME” on it & I was like “whoa that’d be a sick name to dj under.” 

What prompted you to start producing electronic music? What is special about electronic music to you compared to other types of music?

PlayTime: I really didn’t get or start listening to electronic music until 2013 like pretty much after high school, I was a late bloomer haha. Being a hip-hop lover since middle school listening to people like TNGHT, RL Grime, Baauer, & Flosstradamus really helped bridge that gap for me between what I was familiar with & something that was intriguing me. When I did end up going to my first show I realized that electronic music was more about just the music it was about community & sharing experiences with others listening to this new fun & exciting music. 

Was there a particular artist or song that inspired you?

PlayTime: For me it was the Flosstradamus remix of Original Don. I remember showing people that song with such a sense of pride like: “ARE YOU GUYS HEARING THIS?!” “THIS SOUNDS LIKE NOTHING IVE EVER HEARD!!” Like that was the first time I heard the sound of electronic synths & chopped vocals over trap drums & a fat 808. Skrillex too cause ya know, he’s the goat! 

How would you describe your style of production? What stands out about the PlayTime sound in modern trap/bass?

PlayTime: This is something I’ve struggled with a lot because I love so many genres & for me it’s mixing things together that I haven’t heard yet that sound interesting to me. I’ve been loving early 2000’s trance melodies & progressions along with rhythms from South America & the Caribbean so I would say using my dj background to blend multiple styles together but have it all make sense is my style & pretty much how I produce. One day I could be working on a heavy trap tune & the next a melodic garage shuffler just really depends on how I’m feeling! 

What are some of your biggest goals as a producer?

PlayTime: For me it would be a headlining bus tour with my favorite artists/people. I am also making it my mission to go back to my hometown in Florida & build a free skatepark for the community some day.

How did the past year—pandemic, quarantine, etc—affect your creative process? Were you able to get a lot done this past year?

PlayTime: Not being able to go to shows, see the energy & be with people was a major blow to getting inspiration for creating but at the same time the pandemic has allowed me the time to really hone in on what I want PlayTime to sound, look, & feel like. 

How has your home state of Florida played a role in your career? What inspired you to move out West to L.A.?

PlayTime: Florida in particular Tallahassee is where I was an open format dj for years & is the foundation for what I’m doing now. Blending all different kind of styles, opening rooms for artists, & then eventually playing my own music really gave me the training wheels that I needed to make the move. What inspired me to move started in 2013 when I started watching Glenjamn3 videos on YouTube of HARD & all the other exciting stuff that was going on out here just seemed like a creative hotbed that I really wanted to be a part of.

Any upcoming IDs/originals in the mix that we should know about/expect soon?

PlayTime: The first couple songs in the mix will be out before the year is over & expect a PlayPack in September!

What are you most excited/proud of with this new mix? How does this material differ from previous releases?

PlayTime: I’m excited to showcase my sound over multiple genres. From trance to techno to trap to drum & bass & back I really worked hard on fitting as much original music & making it all make sense. 

You just recently had a new single drop. What can you tell us about this release?

PlayTime: “You Know” started as an ID that I made last year & was mashed with 100 gecs song & I put it in the HeardItHearFirst mix in November of 2020. I left it alone for a few months & over the spring I started working on it again cause I knew there was something special about this tune & that trance melody in the intro/breaks. I spent the better part of August battling with mix downs & masters trying to get it to sound full without being too crunchy & harsh which I hope I accomplished hahaha

What else is coming up for the PlayTime project that we should be excited about?

PlayTime: Putting out all this music I’ve been creating, “the afterparty”, new merch, playing more shows, & would love to put out my debut EP at the top of 2022!