Sacred Snow

Sacred Snow is the fresh taste of sound your soul has been searching for. This artist from South Florida started to DJ shows in 2018, and became immersed in her craft. Her unique sets have set the tone for many memorable nights across the area and now her name is beginning to spread, with her powerful message soon to follow. Formerly known as just “Snow,” her exhilarating rise in the Florida bass scene and local music community called for a more distinct stage name. With her following already knowing her handle as @sacredsnowmusic, Sacred Snow became her new official title. Regardless of her name, the music that is just beginning to pour out of her is starting to excite her listeners.

As a DJ, producer, vocalist, guitarist, and dancer there is little that Sacred Snow doesn’t love to do. Growing up as a passionate young girl, Cassidy Rose always celebrated and embraced diversity. Befriending the “odd” kids or the ones no one talked to, it has always been important to her to include and love everyone. She cherished performance and musical theater her whole life, and music is the only thing that seemed like it had ever made sense to the young visionary. With her intensive background in theater, guitar, piano, intensive vocal training, dance lessons, thespian festivals, and the mentoring of her closest friends, Cass learned to pour her creativity into original productions that people can now relate to through describing experiences she’s lived through to tell. Her theatrical side shines throughout her performances, with her range of talents pouring out of her onto the stage. Leading this journey, she expresses her voice freely not only through words, but through sound. The voice of Sacred Snow is truly a mission of empowerment and peace. In realizing the potential that music has to bring people together positively, she hopes to gather people to realize their own power by coming together and getting lost in the sound. In her own words “I‘m just a reflection of you.” She will never consider anyone who supports her music as fans, only family.



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