Shlump release artowrk for Alien Shit II EP

Shlump Releases Long-Awaited ‘Alien Shit, Part II’ EP

Christmas came a little bit early this year, thanks to Bay Area bass producer, Shlump. The artist just released Alien Shit, Part II, the highly-anticipated follow-up to his original 2015 Alien Shit EP.

Having abducted the ears of countless beings with his signature “alien bass” aesthetic, Shlump is a key player in the freeform bass music scene. His sound combines elements of classic dubstep and otherworldly sound design, all tied together with that distinctive West Coast flair we’ve all come to love.

Alien Shit, Part II is an interdimensional joyride through sound and space. It features collaborations with Xotix and Ringtone Murder (formerly Call Me). Each of the EP’s four tracks brings listeners through a diverse range of moods and emotions. The hip-hop-infused bounce of “Strange Signal” and the 80s dance vibes of “Get Up” will get you on your feet and grooving. Meanwhile, the melodic leanings of “Transmission” will have you begging to be abducted. Sonically, Shlump goes in many different directions, yet still achieves a seamless flow throughout the EP.

Regarding Alien Shit, Part II, Shlump had this to say:

“To me, the EP feels like a story — a sonic sci-fi voyage with many dynamic ups and downs. There is a kind of funny, comedic vibe to the title tune that sets a fun atmosphere, especially the part when you think the beat is about to drop and it goes into a little interlude. Then there’s a more serious vibe to tracks like “Get Up” and “Transmission.” From 120 BPM-170 BPM, this release goes through all terrain, and I hope everyone enjoys it because it was really fun to make!”

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