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So Sus Makes FUXWITHIT Debut with Trap & Wave Inspired Single, ‘Derealization’

Vancouver-based producer So Sus has continued his rise in acclaim recently, finding success and growing fandom behind releases with Circus, Deadbeats, and Alter/Ego.

Yesterday, the Canadian act made his debut with hard hitting label, FUXWITHIT, with his latest genre-defying single, “Derealization.”

Inspired by the growing genres of trap and wave, “Derealization” is an experimental fusion of the two. The track is meant to convey a disconnect from reality by offering beautiful, moving moments accented by dark and intense ones.

“Derealization is when you feel detached from your surroundings,” said So Sus. “When things don’t feel real. It’s something that I’ve experienced from time to time. This disjointed feeling from things around you. I make tracks a lot of time that describes my mental state and for me, it’s a sort of therapy.

Shaped by his passionate, honest perspective of the world around him and pure musical prowess at his fingertips, So Sus writes music for when it’s okay not to be okay.

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