Press Photo of WHIPPED CREAM

Someone You Can Count On: WHIPPED CREAM’s Journey of Resilience & Rediscovery

Being a renowned artist isn’t always as glamorous as it appears on social media. The demanding career comes with constant highs and lows. Caroline Cecil, the brilliant mind behind WHIPPED CREAM, knows this harsh reality well. However, her passion and dedication have enabled WHIPPED CREAM to persevere through every obstacle.

One of her recent challenges was finding her way back to an authentic musical identity. WHIPPED CREAM has done this by taking influence from her roots as an artist and fusing it with sonic experimentation in her latest EP, Someone You Can Count On.

Surprisingly, Caroline’s origin story doesn’t trace back to music. Growing up, she trained tirelessly to become a professional-level figure skater. A tragic injury led to the end of her competing on the ice, but it planted the seed for her eventual discovery that music was her destiny. Traits from figure skating transferred over to WHIPPED CREAM, particularly persistence.

Caroline explained, “The one thing that I took from figure skating is persistence. You fall hard on the ice many times throughout the day. You have to teach yourself that physical and mental pain is only temporary. Likewise, you have to get back up and try again, training not only your body but your mind. Being a producer, you definitely take a lot of hits, metaphorically speaking. I see myself as a horse with blinders on, looking straight ahead and not letting distractions or mistakes in the past impact me.”

“My personal struggles led to the realization that in relationships, you shouldn’t have to run forwards and backwards. You should always just be running forwards, together.”

Caroline faced several barriers to break through, starting with learning how to produce. She locked herself in her parents’ basement for two years, giving up a normal job and money in exchange for watching countless YouTube tutorials. Caroline’s learning process involved slow, methodical experimentation and broad exploration. Her determination to create music carried her through the obstacles.

Reflecting on her journey, Caroline said, “When I first started, I couldn’t even place a drum on beat. I had no knowledge or technical skills whatsoever. All I knew was that I could really feel the music, had a great ear for it, and had great taste.

Someone You Can Count On is the sum of all of Caroline’s hardships, including one in her personal life. Initially not planning for a whole project, she noticed that the singles she was releasing fit a similar vibe. She wanted the EP to have a positive title to balance the music, which is centered around dark and toxic emotions. However, she leaves it up to the listener to interpret the entire EP for themselves.

Press Photo of WHIPPED CREAM

There’s definitely a story here that I needed to share. All of these pieces are connecting like a puzzle,” analyzed Caroline. “I wanted the EP to have a title with a positive connotation to balance with the music, which is centered around dark and toxic emotions. However, I never aim to push a specific message in my songs. My goal is for the music to tell one story, the [music] videos to tell another, and then it’s up to the listener to interpret the entire EP for themselves.”

Caroline delivers her singing debut in three of the tracks, adding another dimension to WHIPPED CREAM’s music. She also explores the worlds of music and technology through innovative collaborations, such as “The Dark,” which features a reality-bending music video utilizing Canada’s inaugural volumetric capture facility.

Caroline was set on bringing their fabrication of “The Dark” into existence, and ultimately teamed up with a tech company to develop a mixed-reality project in Canada’s inaugural volumetric capture facility. Laughing about the experience, Caroline said, “Standing in a green room with 160 cameras aimed at me, this was the most awkward and uncomfortable experience I have had. Yet, at the end of the day, I felt like a completely new person. My confidence level was through the roof and I plan on doing it again soon.

The EP’s underlying significance shines through in the title interlude, shedding light on a toxic relationship that Caroline was involved in. She turned this negative experience into a positive by taking accountability and choosing the optimal route going forward. Another track, “Rewind.. (But I Love You),” explores the concept of running into love and away from it in an internal battle with oneself.

Caroline has conquered numerous challenges, leading her to perform at major events and venues, such as the DoLab stage at Coachella earlier this month. She is gearing up for her Someone You Can Count On World Tour, excited to showcase her new music and its compelling message. Caroline has committed to several goals for the future, including finalizing a long-term concept in 2024 and completing an additional project by the end of 2023. Most importantly, she aims to surround herself with the right people to elevate her to her highest self.

Based on the countless examples of Caroline’s resilience in the past, she is a heavy favorite to win this battle, enhancing WHIPPED CREAM’s potential in the process.Catch WHIPPED CREAM live as she embarks on her Someone You Can Count On World Tour. Purchase tickets here.