Space Wizard press photo taken by Jason Siegel

Space Wizard Launches into a Different Galaxy with his latest EP, Cosmic Conjuring

Since the emergence of his project in 2016, bass producer and WAKAAN all star, Space Wizard, has been taking the electronic scene by storm with his unique sound and iconic production styles. After going on tour with artists such as Mersiv, Liquid Stranger and Subtronics, Space Wizard has continued to grow and evolve his sound, furthering his rise to the spotlight. 

Bringing back his iconic wonky and wavey sound with the release of his latest 3 track EP, Cosmic Conjuring, Space Wizard has cultivated a style all his own. Though this EP is geared to be more heavy and aggressive than some of the other music he has previously released, these three tracks stand as a step into a new chapter for this artist as he expresses a different side to his project than listeners have previously experienced.

Each of these tracks, while exemplifying Space Wizard’s iconic experimental beats, combine to tell an emotional, interstellar tale that serves to captivate listeners and take them on a personal journey through the cosmos.

This is definitely an EP that all bass heads should be checking out, as Space Wizard has opened a whole new galaxy of sound. There is no doubt that this new heavier side to the Space Wizard project is a smash hit, exhibiting the multiple facets he has in his sound design.

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