Josh Fedz Press Photo

Crafted For The Clubs, Josh Fedz, Zaytek & Owie Release Tech House Tune, ‘Gonna Be’

Taking inspiration from real life experiences and incorporating it into your beats is what makes the world of dance music production so special. That’s exactly what happened in the latest tech house tune slinger “Gonna Be”, released by Josh Fedz, Zaytek & owie via SLOTCHACID.

In a recent press release, Denver-based artist owie mentions the lyrics “what we gonna be” speak for his thought process of being with someone for a while and not being sure if they’re ready to tie the knot. Through Sacha Robotti’s SLOTHACID label, Josh Fedz, Zaytek, and owie release an electrifying bop that will have your whole group chanting on the dancefloors. Grooves drift across reveberating basslines that dig deeper into a melodic synth while still encapsulating that spacey sound design. Halfway through, the track engages an echoed vocal buildup with a driving riff that hooks listeners right back into a pumping bass, giving it that tech-house energy.

Among the rising names to watch for is Josh Fedz, who has been paving a path for himself which has landed him supporting acts like John Summit, GRiZ, Duke Dumont, as well as, headlining his own shows at local clubs. 



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