MP3 Roundup: Featuring Mersiv as the cover, and news about Fyre Festival 2 and more

MP3 ROUNDUP — Fyre Festival 2 Already Sold Out, Infrasound Equinox Lineup Announced, Meow Wolf Vortex is BACK and More

Welcome to MP3 ROUNDUP, your one-stop-shop for all things festival and dance music updates, reported every Friday.  1. Fyre Festival 2 Officially Announced — Tier 1 Tickets SOLD OUT?! The Fyre Festival is legendary, despite the fact that it never actually happened. Somehow, con-man Billy McFarland’s failed attempt at a luxury music festival in the […]

Photo of Meow Wolf Denver

MP3 TAKES: Justin Jay’s Fantastic Voyage Takes Meow Wolf to ‘Danceportation’

Join MP3 TAKES as we unravel the magic of Justin Jay’s Fantastic Voyage at Meow Wolf Denver. Dive into an immersive night of multi-stage music exploration featuring electrifying performances, a unique lineup, and the captivating Danceportation experience. A must-read for music enthusiasts and festival lovers.

POster for Justin Jay's recently announced takeover of Meow Wolf Denver with his Fantastic Voyage label.

Justin Jay’s Fantastic Voyage Label Takes Over Meow Wolf Denver’s Danceportation

Meow Wolf Denver invites you to embark on a fantastic journey with Justin Jay’s Fantastic Voyage label as it takes over Danceportation at Convergence Station on Saturday, June 3. Doors open at 9:30 P.M., with the show starting at 10:30 P.M. A Colorful History of Justin Jay’s Fantastic Voyage Label Justin Jay, acclaimed by producers […]

Press photo of Meow Wolf Denver (Photo by Jess Gallo, Atlas Media - Courtesy of Meow Wolf)

Meow Wolf Vortex: A Surrealist Festival Escape Returns to Denver

The Meow Wolf Vortex Festival is back for a second year, bringing its unique blend of music, adventure, and interactive art to The JunkYard in Denver, Colorado. The three-day event, scheduled for August 25-27, promises an unforgettable experience elevated by immersive art and music. The JunkYard, a distinctive venue in the heart of Denver (1098 […]

Night Tales at Meow Wolf taken by Tony Moore

Night Tales Ride ‘Proof’ Album Tour Into Meow Wolf Denver

Amidst a cold November night, the electric duo Night Tales exhaled a breath of warm, illuminating light within Denver’s encroaching dark, winter air. The Australian pair effortlessly appeared on stage for an energetic showcase of their new album and tour. Performing a colorful and emotionally charged experience within Meow Wolf’s surreal and intimate venue. Their […]