Night Tales at Meow Wolf taken by Tony Moore

Night Tales Ride ‘Proof’ Album Tour Into Meow Wolf Denver

Amidst a cold November night, the electric duo Night Tales exhaled a breath of warm, illuminating light within Denver’s encroaching dark, winter air. The Australian pair effortlessly appeared on stage for an energetic showcase of their new album and tour. Performing a colorful and emotionally charged experience within Meow Wolf’s surreal and intimate venue.

Their recently released debut album Proof is composed of alternative, live electronica, and refreshing dance music. Lyricist and vocalist Kamaliza Salamba writes the intimate story behind each song providing a powerful voice and intoxicating presence on stage. Learning to mix and play on vinyl, Aaron Bannie plays the drum and trigger pads, contributing to the vocals and creating an equally intoxicating atmosphere to their live production.

Photo Credit: Tony Moore (@amshotsmedia)

Night Tales are pioneering the resurgence of urban culture within alternative electronica and reintroducing the youthful emotions of modern dance music. Influenced by acts like Talking Heads, the pair combines 80s nostalgia with deep bass and ethereal melodies to perform a complete intersection of upbeat liveliness and creative freedom.

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