MP3 Roundup: Featuring Mersiv as the cover, and news about Fyre Festival 2 and more

MP3 ROUNDUP — Fyre Festival 2 Already Sold Out, Infrasound Equinox Lineup Announced, Meow Wolf Vortex is BACK and More

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1. Fyre Festival 2 Officially Announced — Tier 1 Tickets SOLD OUT?!

The Fyre Festival is legendary, despite the fact that it never actually happened. Somehow, con-man Billy McFarland’s failed attempt at a luxury music festival in the Bahamas six years ago turned in to the viral moment he always dreamed of, although the content looked a little bit different than he might have expected (que the infamous “cheese sandwich and soggy salad” pictures). The headliners, including Blink-182 and Disclosure, never showed up, but McFarland did get a few documentaries dedicated to his marvelous disaster. Oh, and four years in prison, and apparently, seven months in solitary confinement, which he insists inspired his gross, albeit bold, second attempt at the Fyre Festival.

Well, McFarland is officially out of prison, and he’s wasting no time: earlier this week, he announced the the Fyre Festival 2 is happening… although there’s no location or performers announced. There is a date though — December 6, 2024. So, McFarland has about 15 months to get everything situated and hopefully prevent another disaster. Or, just scam a few thousand more people. Considering some tickets are selling for close to $8,000, our money is on the latter. Despite it all, the first tier of tickets are apparently already sold out (according to the website).

2. Infrasound Equinox Lineup Announced

Minnesota’s wonky, funktion-One powered music festival returns for its 10 year anniversary next month, and they’ve finally released their lineup just three weeks before the festival is set to take place.

There seems to be a lack of any big name headliner, but fan favorites like Ternion Sound and Distinct Motive, alongside some of the hottest up-and-coming bass acts like Cool Customer and Chef Boyarbeatz, will make a welcome appearance. On the other hand, Infrasound has always been best known for its beautiful location, lakeside at the Harmony Park Music Garden in Minnesota.

3. Meow Wolf Vortex Kicks Off 4th Annual Vortex Festival in Denver

Meow Wolf, the psychedelic, interactive art exhibit that’s reshaping America’s creative culture through immersive design and its holistic approach to modern art, celebrates its fourth Vortex Music and Arts festival in Denver this weekend.

The Vortex Festival, which moved to Denver last year, isn’t your typical music festival. Opting out for traditional festival stage production in favor of lively integrated art exhibits, each stage represents a distinct creative vision that extends beyond the world of music. Oh, and GRiZ is playing two sets (one of which will be his beloved “Golden Hour” performances). Other performers include Two Feet, Zingara, Claude Von Stroke, Nikki Nair and QRTR. In true Meow Wolf style, the entire festival ground is it’s own, funky art exhibit with left field sculptures and zany characters dressed in prismic costumes. 

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Great music and great art — what more can you ask for?

4. Lizzo Countersues Accusing Dancers

The recent accusations detailing Lizzo’s apparent abuse and manipulation towards her back-up dancers are alarming to say the least. If you haven’t been following, here’s a short list:

  • Pressuring dancers into unwanted sexual situations while on tour.
  • Creating a “Mean Girl” type of environment that encouraged dancers to uncomfortable situations (there’s one accusation surrounding the misuse of a banana… we’ll spare you the details).
  • Sexual and racial discrimination, fat shaming and emotional abuse.

But, Lizzo whole-heartedly denies all accusations (of course), and has recently taken this matter a step further, as her legal team announced that Lizzo plans to countersue, most likely on the grounds of defamation. This is still a developing story, and we’ll have to wait and see what the official countersuit claims.

5. Mersiv Drops Lead Single, “I Like It When You Move,” Ahead of Forthcoming Sophomore Album

Mersiv is gearing up to release his highly-anticipated Sophomore album, “Out of Bounds,” later this year, and the album’s lead single, “I Like It When You Move” shows some promising potential.

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The new track, released last Friday, is a maddening, extravagant bass banger that’s loud, aggressive and defiantly confident. It’s also a sharp departure from Mersiv’s other 2023 single, “Rainbow Road,” which is a much softer, melodic dance tune.


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