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Unveiling Modapit: Inspiration Behind His Debut Album, ‘Devotion’

With an enigmatic fusion of genres and an enthralling narrative, Modapit‘s inaugural album Devotion has set the music scene ablaze. Our conversation with the brain behind this captivating project revealed the roots, challenges, and aspirations that culminated in the birth of Modapit’s one-of-a-kind musical journey.

Amidst a cascade of influences, Modapit explained that there wasn’t a single eureka moment that led him down this intricate path. Instead, his artistic voyage was punctuated by transformative experiences where music played a pivotal role in reshaping his mental landscape. “The moments that truly moved me in my music career were times when my platform had either positively affected my mental health and pushed me away from being a drug addict and suicidal, or had done so for someone else,” he shared during an exclusive interview with MP3 MAG ahead of his Imagine Music Festival performance next month, revealing the profound impact music had on his trajectory.

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This trajectory has brought Modapit to where he is today: a driving force that fuels the marriage of auditory and visual storytelling throughout Devotion. Modapit delved into the creative process, citing influences from artists like The Weeknd, Tyler The Creator, and Kendrick Lamar, whose ability to convey narratives through various media served as a guiding light. He spoke of crafting a cinematic atmosphere for his music videos, aiming to impart messages of hope and healing beneath the surface. The result is a harmonious melting pot of aesthetics and meaning that connects deeply with audiences.

Modapit’s eclectic influences found their way into Devotion, molding its sonic landscape. While Gesaffelstein’s appearance has a major contribution to his look, other musical luminaries were also part of the imaginative tapestry. This honorable list encompasses RÜFÜS DU SOL, BRONSON, Eric Prydz, Jamie xx, Boys Noize, and Deadmau5, who Modapit credits as the artist who introduced him to EDM. His appreciation for these trailblazers shaped his sound, leading to a uniquely groundbreaking fusion of styles that set Devotion apart.

A key feature of Devotion lies in its interplay of contrasts. “The contrasts definitely exist in how I write music,” Modapit said. “I’s almost hard to avoid once I start playing the piano. My chord progressions and melodies always have this almost heart-breaking feeling to them, and it might be how my brain wants to subconsciously process these feelings from my past.” He shared that his compositions often carry a thread of sadness while aiming to convey a positive mentality, mirroring his outlook on life.

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Another element that makes Devotion a diamond in the rough is Modapit’s willingness to take chances. Two tracks, “Through My Mind” and “Another Life,” stood out as riskier endeavors. “In my head, I believe these songs are risky because of how I wrote them. The chord progressions and melodies in these songs are very unconventional,” Modapit said. These risks, however, were essential to him breaking patterns and presenting a truer expression of his artistry.

Building on the hypnotic sonic nature of Devotion, auditory is not the only sensible realm that the LP delivers on — this compilation’s stunning visuals were brought to life through collaborations with director David Borges and cinematographer Carlos Perez. Modapit mentioned how their originative synergy led to the weaving of complex stories within the music videos. Their expertise allowed Modapit’s ideas to transcend into bewitching visual narratives, adding depth and dimension to the album.

Peering into the emotional core of Devotion, Modapit disclosed how his music serves as an outlet for his feelings. “I think when I’m writing music, my feelings always find a way to come out. It’s rarely anger or hate. My whole life, I’ve always been heart-broken and I think that’s where these musical themes come from.” His music has become a vehicle for processing emotions and spreading positivity.

Beyond music, Modapit’s fashion choices intertwine with the themes of Devotion. Through sustainable clothing designed by Jonny Cota and vegan boots crafted from apple waste, Modapit extends the album’s communications of optimism and betterment into the sphere of fashion. This dedication to meaningful expression enhances the overall effectiveness of the project.

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Now, as he gears up for his inaugural performance at Imagine Music Festival, Modapit hinted at an experience that heavily varies from the norm. He expressed excitement for executing his meticulously planned set, promising a musical adventure that is both distinct and enchanting.

Leading up to his highly anticipated Imagine Music Festival debut, Modapit reflects on the transformative phase that Devotion signifies. He emphasized the desire to forge bodies of work that resonate on a lasting level. In an industry often focused on quick turnarounds, Modapit aims to offer music that endures, fostering a deeper connection between the artist and the audience.

His odyssey with Devotion underscores the boundless potential of artistic expression. Through his advanced blend of genres, engaging visuals, and an unyielding commitment to authentic creativity, Modapit has carved out a niche that takes music to unprecedented heights. His ongoing journey is bound to bring forth further innovative projects, enamoring the hearts and minds of music aficionados worldwide.

Make sure to catch Modapit at this 2024’s Imagine Music Festival on September 14-17. Tickets for GA, VIP, and PLATINUM tiers, as well as various camping options and add-ons, are available for purchase on the Imagine Music Festival website.