Sonic architects of songs with an emotional heft as heavy as the subwoofer rupturing basslines that underpin their work, TRUTH is one of New Zealand’s finest creative exports. Respected across the globe since its inception, TRUTH has, as both award-winning producers and world-class DJs, cut a clear pathway through the international dubstep scene.

Building their performance presence through years of prolific production output, weekly mixes & streaming, and key DJ support from the likes of Mala, Skream, Liquid Stranger, and Youngsta, to name just a few.

Through dedication to their craft, TRUTH has seen their stock rise placing them as in-demand remixers and sound designers, their music finding its way into major television productions such as ‘American Horror Story’, receiving numerous awards including ‘Best Electronic Artist’ in the New Zealand Music Awards, and earning a following of ardent listeners worldwide.

Acclaimed by critics both within and outside the dubstep scene, their momentum is undeniable and impossible to ignore. Face the truth or get well outta the way.



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