Zeds Dead, MLKA's "In My Head" Artwork

Zeds Dead’s “In My Head” is the Nocturnal Adventure We All Dream About

The legendary Canadian producer duo Zeds Dead has never been boxed in by the limitations of traditional genres or industry expectations. From hard-hitting dubstep bangers like “Gassed Up,” to their most recent single, the wavy, adventurous house track, “I Took A Ride,” they’re known for exploring every corner of the electronic music world.

It should come as no surprise, then, that their new single, “In My Head,” is something of an homage to the subtle pleasantries that make ambient electronic pop music so endearing. It’s not quite house music, but it’s not quite electro-pop either. It is, however, one hundred percent Zeds Dead.

“In My Head” is another collaboration with MKLA, the creative mastermind who’s had a hand in some of EDM’s biggest hits, including REZZ’s “Taste of You” and Zeds Dead’s 2021 smash house hit, “Alive.” MKLA is a hit-maker at heart, and her contribution to “In My Head” is a perfect example.

“In My Head” is a classic story — a tale of the hopelessly romantic that’s unable to escape the relentless fantasy of their lover’s affection implanted inside their imagination. It’s a teenage love story, the sound of nocturnal adventure and youthful passion.

The vibe of “In My Head” matches MKLA’s lyrics and melodies perfectly. Laced with brake drums and decorated with deep bass underlying the entire adventure, the final product resembles a montage of ionic video game moments or an anime highlight reel; it’s a fast-paced, action-packed draped with vintage ambiance and desperate stillness.

“In My Head” isn’t redefining Zed’s Dead’s sound or pushing any experimental boundaries. It is, however, a perfect harmony of woozy excitement and melodic atmospheres.

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