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TVBOO & GRiZ Go Fishing for ‘Bass Music’

The bass industry is full of big personalities, but few artists have managed to brand themselves the way that TVBOO, the Nascar lovin’ southern hellraiser and wonky producer from Jackson, Mississippi, has. His latest single, “Bass Music” — released on Liquid Stranger’s WAKAAN record label — is a perfect example of the massive personality he’s grown into as he’s climbed up the industry ladder.

The freeform bass track, which features everyone’s favorite DJ and philanthropist, GRiZ, has all the makings of a smash dance hit. Whoozy, distorted bass drops and classic drum breaks? You got it. Silly adlibs likening bass music to “bass” (as in the fish)? Of course. The song is ridiculous, but in the endearing way that only TVBOO could pull off.

You can definitely feel GRiZ’s influence throughout the track, especially in the subtle melodies laced into the middle section of the high-energy banger. Even cooler, this collaboration might not have happened if not for GRiZ’s appearance on TVBOO’s “TVLKS with TVBOO” podcast. Apparently, when TVBOO invited GRiZ onto his show, GRiZ insisted that he would only show up if TVBOO agreed to make a song with him. Which is about the most GRiZ thing we’ve heard all week.

TVBOO is a long-time fan of GRiZ, and it’s clear he really made a serious effort to impress his favorite artist. I’m happy to say — it worked. “Bass Music” is the perfect summer banger, a balanced banger saturated with heavy wobbles, a bridge section that would fit perfectly in Mersiv’s “Pretty, Dark, Loud,” and a sense of humor that’s impossible to ignore. If “Bass Music” is any indication of the sound and creative direction of TVBOO’s forthcoming debut LP, Blue Collar Bass: By the People, For the People, we’re in for a treat.

Maybe “Bass Music” is a statement on southern culture, a political commentary about the misguided stereotypes of southern lovin’, truck drivin’, bass fishin’ boys who are often only associated with country music. A plead for the bass industry to view the south as a well-rounded culture with plenty of dance music influence. Or, maybe, TVBOO is just having fun, as he always does. Listen to “Bass Music” below and decide for yourself. And, as always, praise Dale.

A recent Denver transplant, Logan is a passionate writer, occasional promoter, and lover of all things outdoors (most recently, his years spent surfing the East Coast have developed into snowboarding in the Rocky Mountains). More than anything, though, Logan is an avid music fan. When he's not dancing at the disco, he can almost always be found with a good book or a guitar in his hands.