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10 Undercard Acts to See at Sound Haven 2022

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and no, I’m not talking about Christmas. Sound Haven Festival is now only days away. With an incredible lineup, an upgraded venue, and the promise of new experiences (did someone say kayak-friendly lake?), Tennessee’s wildest and weirdest bass music festival is set to return for perhaps its best year to date.

While we’re eager to see all the top-tier acts — like Jade Cicada, Rusko, and The Widdler — we’re also not sleeping on the lesser-known ones. After all, one of the most rewarding aspects of any music festival is discovering new music, especially from artists you may not have known about beforehand. To get you pumped for Sound Haven 2022, here are 10 undercard artists you won’t want to miss.


First on our list is Denver-based producer, BANkaJI. BANkaJI has previously performed at other Sacred Hive events, including Dubaween and Sound Haven 2021. This year, he returns to Sound Haven with an arsenal of new music and unreleased tracks. His latest release is a single called “Lie4,” which you can stream below. Catch BANkaJI at the Nebula Stage on Thursday night.


Comisar is making colossal moves in the bass scene. Last month, he had his first release via Wubaholics, a track called “Vaulted.” He has a new EP on deck, “Calling,” which is set to release this week via Gravitas Recordings. If you’re in the Denver area, Comisar will also be headlining the Black Box on August 19. And of course, he’ll be throwing down at Sound Haven’s Planetary Stage on Sunday at 2:00 P.M.


Even though pets/animals won’t be allowed at Sound Haven, we’ll still have an opportunity to go to the Zoo. In his own words, DeemZoo “[creates] and [designs] sounds from the works and inspiration of Mother Nature and her creatures. Each original track correlates to a specific being, whatever being that might be is entirely up to you.” DeemZoo will be kicking off the late-night vibes at the Nebula Stage on Friday at midnight.


If you’re into hard wobbles and drum and bass, you’ll want to check out Engix. His “Summertime Drum & Bass Mix” on SoundCloud will have your jaw on the floor. Engix teased on his social media that he would be going harder than ever at Sound Haven this year, and we can’t wait! Catch him Friday afternoon at 4:00 at the UFO Stage.


A rising star in the Nashville EDM scene, SICKISH’s catalog ranges from “headbanging dubstep,” to “swampy trap sounds,” to “uplifting, euphoric synth.” In the years since getting his start, SICKISH has gone from playing small house parties to sharing the stage with some of the biggest names in bass music. Recently, the DJ/producer has made even bigger moves. In 2021, he won Nashville’s Road to Dancefestopia contest and earned a spot on the Dancefestopia lineup. Whether you’re into melodic euphoria or neck-snapping bass, SICKISH has got you covered.

Tape B

Tape B has been killing it in the game lately. His genre-bending experimentations — including classic OG dubstep and hip-hop “flips” — have caught the eyes and ears of forward-thinking platforms like Deadbeatz and Wubaholics. The producer recently contributed a mix (along with SuperAve) to Mersiv’s 44.4 Radio Series via MorFlo Records. Catch Tape B at the UFO Stage on Friday at 6:00 P.M.

Tripzy Leary

Bringing in maximum extraterrestrial vibes is Canadian bass mage, Tripzy Leary. Tripzy Leary has built up a steady following with his signature “space bass” aesthetic. The producer’s latest release is a single titled “Let That Shh Go,” which comes ahead of an upcoming EP, “Aliendemic,” set to release on August 19. Catch Tripzy Leary on Thursday at 6:00 at the UFO Stage. If we’re fortunate, he may even bless us with his rap skills!


If you’re unfamiliar with Undehfined, it’s high time you studied up. In his latest release — a four-track EP titled “Anticipate” — the producer doles out heavy doses of wobbles to cure all your bass-related ailments. You can catch Undehfined on Friday at 4:00 A.M. at the Planetary Stage.


If your vibe leans more toward the dark and spooky, you’ll definitely want to check out Widow. Straight out of Canada, Widow is one of the latest artists to join the Deep Dark & Dangerous roster — having released his debut EP, “Hoia Baciu,” with the label in 2020. Widow’s sound evokes vividly dark images and scenarios: like a haunted hayride on Halloween night, or Druids performing forbidden rituals under the light of a full moon. Catch him at the Planetary Stage on Sunday at 1:00 A.M.

Zen Selekta

Finishing up our lineup of undercard acts is Zen Selekta, a bass producer out of Atlanta. Zen Selekta’s sounds are marked by a strong sense of spirituality and healing. She often combines deep bass with Indian raga, meditative drones, and other healing frequencies. You can catch her on Thursday night at the Planetary Stage.

Ashley is a multimedia journalist based in Nashville, TN. She holds a Master of Art in Journalism from USC and a Bachelor of Music from Vanderbilt. With nearly 10 years of music industry experience, Ashley is well-versed in reporting, editing, artist interviews, and podcast production. When she's not headbanging at the rail to filthy wubz, you can find her in the garden, hiking, or sipping herbal tea while she writes in her dream journal.