raecola bezerk ep artwork

Twin Sisters RaeCola Release Infectious Debut EP, Bezerk

The world of tech house is welcoming an exciting duo RaeCola, twin sisters who are based out of Los Angeles. With their first official two-track EP-release, Bezerk, the ladies are serving the genre with dynamic sounds, belter basslines, and catchy vocals to mirror a juke-style form of music.

Being derived from the birthplace of house music, Chicago, the sisters produce a funky and fresh style of self-described “Ghetto Tech House”. Their tasteful approach in the track Bezerk features lyrics “Let’s go Bezerk, eat it like dessert,” that sew together a snappy riff for the dancefloors. Almost halfway through the track, we hear it take a captivating twist with a deeper bassline while also juggling higher-pitched vocals.

Slinging a faster-paced tune in their other release, the twins rinsed out a pulsating 144 beats per minute in “Juke that Zerk.” Quite literally, this is the type of song you hear on the dancefloor and can’t resist dancing due to its high energy flowing tempo and pitch.

RaeCola’s eccentric sound has landed them bookings at festivals such as Day Trip, as well as the upcoming DirtyBird Campout Festival.

Michela is a writer for MP3 MAG. With six years of studying journalism under her belt, Michela is an aspiring dance music journalist who interviews artists, writes about their upcoming releases, and also covers electronic dance music festivals.