That's Right EP artwork from Fede Aliprandi and Ramin Majlessi

Fede Aliprandi & Ramin Majlessi Hit the Spot With That’s Right EP

The label, music publication, and multifaceted music organization Music is 4 Lovers is back with a brand new two-track EP from Argentinian producer Fede Alipradi and Ramin Majlessi, a frequent face among MI4L releases.

“That’s Right” is an eleven-minute ode to techno euphoria. The two songs merge into a cohesive blend of strong percussion, smooth basslines, and distinct grooviness.

The track names “That’s Right” and “Check It” echo throughout the EP from the standout vocal samples that Aliprandi and Majlessi used in each song. Expect to hear this collaboration on a dancefloor near you throughout the latter half of 2022.

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Shaina Sklar is a Digital Editor for MP3 MAG. She is a writer and editor based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, co-operates Soundsystem Cultures, an events and audio production company, and she has been previously published with Street Ritual.