Maddy O'Neal's Change of Pace single

Maddy O’Neal & MOONZz Take a Deep Breath on ‘Change of Pace’

There’s something to be said about artists who exist at the crossroads of musical genres — and Maddy O’Neal says it all on her new track with MOONZz, “Change of Pace.” The creative pair has produced a refreshing, ethereal electronic banger that’s hard to define. It’s an escape from the mundane, cyclical nature of the boring nine-to-five, replaced by the exhilarating soundscapes of woozy bass and phasing waves crashing into an experimental shore.

“Change of Pace” is O’Neal and MOONZz’s first track together, although their shared history as University of Colorado Boulder alumni shines through in the undeniable chemistry and future bass vibes the pair has achieved on this new track. “Change of Pace” is O’Neal’s final single supporting her sophomore LP, Ricochet, set for release on September 20.

In true Colorado spirit, there’s plenty of bass to go around, but it’s not exactly fair to call “Change of Pace” bass music. It feels like the first breath of fresh air after diving into an underwater world of glistening synths and kaleidoscopic melodies. It’s a pulsating wave of colorful frequencies; a shining beacon of escapism lighting the path to a new era of influence.

Plus, the message is universal. Life gets overwhelming, often. We tend to lose ourselves in the complications of modern pressures from all corners of life. Sometimes it’s a shitty boss. Sometimes it’s a failed romance. Often, it’s something that’s not even tangible. Just a feeling that’s hard to shake. These are the times we need a change of pace. These are the times we need good music, which is exactly what Maddy O’Neal and MOONZz have given us. If you need a change of pace, listen to the new track today.

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