Kumarion EP artwork for Resonate/Shaman out on WAKAAN August 16

Kumarion Defies Logic with New Resonate/Shaman EP via WAKAAN

There are numerous pioneers in the electronic scene, continuously pushing the boundaries of music by bringing forth new genres and sounds.

One of these forerunners, Seattle-producer Kumarion has been on a quest to bring Drum & Bass to the globe — spreading it like a wildfire across the States. Usually teaming up D&B enthusiast and comrade, Reaper, both artists have been traveling all over presenting their B2B sets as far and wide as they can. 

During this musical adventure, Kumarion has been a part of festivals all over such as Bass Canyon, Project Z, and more as well as was featured as part of Deadbeat’s annual Red Rocks takeover on the 4th of July. While Kumarion is usually known for his penchant for D&B, his latest EP via WAKAAN, ‘Resonate / Shaman,” hones in on the deep experimental bass sounds heard in earlier projects like “Want It.”

Both of these tracks provide earthy basslines, and a more upbeat, worldly flare. “Resonate” brings a more uptempo beat, focusing on the use of the resonance knob to “get different harmonic tones of the same note.” 

Its counterpart, “Shaman”, creates a darker aesthetic through repetition of similar sound patches, filtered through different distortions to get unique versions of every section of the track. 

Both “Resonate” and “Shaman” offer a refreshing change up of sound, taking us back to the origins of the experimental bass soundscapes that we had first heard from Kumarion. Though drum & bass has been Kumarion’s primary focus, being able to flip between genres so flawlessly highlights the versatility of this project and extremely high-caliber music production.

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