RamonPang's Idyllic artwork

RamonPang’s Idyllic, Futuristic ‘Third Places’

Intelligent dance music artist RamonPang dropped his debut album Nature System to critical acclaim and a strong fanbase. His second record, Third Places, came out in August via the same record company that supported his first album, Tabula Rasa Records. 

The Filipino-American musician catapulted to his current style of dance music through electronic techniques utilized in his earlier album and singles — where he captures a sense of environment and atmosphere. 

While this record still encapsulates this aesthetic, RamonPang stretches what it means to think about identity. His ability to navigate a narrative world through the use of percussion and trance comes through each song. 

Starting with the opener, “Recklessly,” the four-minute trip transports listeners with the opening of calming vocals. “It’s you I need,” the need loops, and the backing electronics soothes the listener before the beat drops into a sublime looped synth rhythm. The song is about happiness, which is quite literally what the song evokes in the listener. 

“Mondegreen” offers an interesting escapade into a dance night. This song will surely fill the nights of dance clubs across the country. “Loud and Tranquil” is an exemplary follow-up to “Mondegreen.” The number starts off delivering a smooth mix of vocals over almost white noise and waves before it returns to a repeated “here we go” mantra perfect for the rest of the groove. 

The midpoint of the album titled “No Internet” entrances with psychedelic infusions of riveting percussion samples and soothing vocals. Emanating from a space of otherworldly elements. Flute sounds mimic a night in the wilderness, exemplifying a night at a festival. 

The shortest track of the album, “Dew,” emits a futuristic longing — like looking out a morning window glazed over by fresh dew. The ending vocals on “Hold Me Under” sing, “I stay awake until the first glimmer of sun hits the horizon” before the illuminating eleven-minute saga, “World Checkpoint,” delivers listeners with an epic finale of descending instrumentals, enchanting the listener with an idyllic future.

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