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Ibiza’s Finest Valentín Huedo Delivers TONIGHT EP via All Day I Dream

Earlier today, Ibiza’s finest Valentín Huedo presented the serene and cleansing TONIGHT EP. Finding a fitting home on Lee Burridges’ magical All Day I Dream label, the project explores dynamic styles while staying rooted in melodic house. Explore the serene soundscapes and lush instrumentals spread out across 3 original tracks on TONIGHT. 

Born and raised in Ibiza, Valentin Huedo grew up surrounded by seductive tunes and grooves – connected with astounding nature and free-minded people. He grabbed the core of the island and understood the way music transcends us, and makes us bond with ourselves and with each other. Since, he’s been projecting it both on the island and all over the world.

I like ADID events. It’s a lovely crowd, happy faces, and kind people,” said Valentine Huedo. “The label has always delivered quality deep melodic house since the very beginning. They have created their own world, unique and solid. I truly respect the work they’ve done.”

Since the beginning of the new millennium, Huedo has been producing tracks with magical grooves and fantastic melodies for music imprints such as Do Not Sit On The Furniture, taking on the challenge by the legendary DJ Behrouz to make the very first release of his new label. In 2018, his track “Moon Beach” was released on Shanti Moscow Radio, and received the attention and acclaim of leading critics and DJs around the world, Lee Burridge being one of them. After listening to Valentin´s musical evolution, it was Burridge himself who invited him to release an EP with All Day I Dream. TONIGHT EP consolidates Valentin’s new and more mature sound that has emerged over the past few years.

Eclectic, versatile, organic and with one of a kind sensitivity for mixing genres and emotions in his sets, Valentin brings his true islander mojo to dancefloors around the globe, to be danced to by all those who live by the sun and love by the moon.

All Day I Dream has pioneered a whimsical and melodic style of house music that has made a massive impact on dance music as a whole – developing a sound that has helped the genre move beyond the clubs and into open-air, day time parties. Melodic and Organic house have since become their own genres on Beatport and many other labels have followed suit sonically. 

TONIGHT serves as a strong accompaniment to All Day I Dream’s continued 10th birthday celebrations and its awaited return to the live event space after a two year hiatus. The party is in the thick of its globe-spanning summer tour, having reprised its Mykonos and Ibiza residencies while recently conjuring smiles in New York, London, Chicago, Denver, and San Francisco. Equally strong is the label’s 2021 release schedule, which has seen solo records from Lee Burridge and Sébastien Léger, a new Gorje Hewek album, the second ‘Lost Desert & Friends,’ and more. 

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