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ill-esha to Auction Off Her First-Ever NFT Series Backed by Exclusive EP [News]

Electronic producer ill-esha isn’t just an observer of the arts community, but an active participant in it across the globe. She’s made an undeniable impression in terms of streaming and touring (she’s performed in 20+ countries worldwide and legendary events like Coachella and Lightning in a Bottle), but recently the industry vet has focused on culturing young artists and being active at the forefront of innovation.

ill-esha has spent the majority of the last year teaching at the Berklee College of Music in Valencia, Spain, and now she’s teaming up with tech company Staxe to explore the rapidly expanding world of NFT’s and cryptocurrency.

Like many around the globe, the Vancouver (BC)-born producer became fascinated with these globally trending topics, particularly as a digital creator and producer. After collabing with Staxe, a blockchain investment group dedicated to supporting the creative community, ill-esha began work on a blockchain-inspired NFT project, Cryptowaves.

Cryptowaves is an “audiovisual journey through the mind of a digital avatar born inside the blockchain.” Looking at the similarities of crypto charts and audio waveforms, ill-esha decided to create an entire project made from sounds generated from wavetables of four cryptocurrencies, BTC, ETH, UNI and DOGE. Ultimately, the producer created a limited, audiovisual NFT series, including a four-track EP, 3D animation, digital paintings, cryptocurrency-specific compositions, and even auctions for a custom created ‘crypto song.’

“It makes the process of art making more special and exciting,” ill-esha told MP3 MAG. “Knowing that you are simply expressing your true self for a small amount of appreciate fans. This is the first time in my entire music career that I’ve been able to narrate a full audiovisual story with paintings, animations, video and of course music and feel free, which is a different sensation than trying to fill the 150 BPM D minor Dancefloor Banger in your festival set.”

This Cryptowaves story will be performed for the first time ever live at Innsomnia in Valencia, Spain this May 1 from 12-3 PM EST, and will feature the first live performance from ill-esha’s alter ego, The Orphan Block, alongside French-Lebanese audio-visualist Luigi Tasso and DJ ReallyRyan. All three artists have minted NFTs, and the auctions will be closing with the event. Fans will be able to watch the performance, as well as participate in this limited auction series.

For fans, this project and auction offers fans the chance to potentially own an exclusive art series, furthering the narrative that NFT’s are bringing back value to digital-based art. For ill-esha, it simply offers her a renewed chance to tell a story through music.

“This is a classic hero’s journey arc, told through the language and charts of cryptocurrency,” said ill-esha. “Every sound, except my voice, is made from four cryptocurrency charts from the first quarter of 2021. The lyrics are based on the cosmic real expressions used in crypto-finance. More than just beats and sound design, there is a universal tale of emotional evolution and self discovery, accented with intense visual components.”

Investors will be able to attend the Soundstage.FM VR Club & Art Gallery to experience the shows in spatial audio, view the NFTs and virtually meet and greet the artists themselves. You can currently view the full collection here. Fans will be able to watch the event and auction close virtually on ill-esha’s Youtube or Staxe’s Twitch. Find more info here.