Reverberate Morflo Records Compilation Artwork

Mersiv Paves the Way on MorFlo Record’s Summer Compilation, Reverberate

For those looking to take a deep journey into the infinite possibilities of electronic sound, MorFlo Records is the place to look for some of the powerhouses in the beat-fueled bass scene.

Leading this new subgenre is none other than freeform bass producer Anderson Gallegos, better known to many as Mersiv, who has created the perfect space for artists to tap into the free flow that “reminds listeners capability to express the true you while living in the present moment.”

Through its numerous and wide range of releases, MorFlo Records has featured artists such as Kyral x Banko, Feelmonger, MeSo, and Super Future among others who all cultivate this very special digital platform.

Together, Mersiv alongside an arsenal of other producers has joined forces to bring MorFlo’s debut compilation entitled Reverberate. Featuring WAKAAN alums, Morflo veterans, and a slew of other artists like Dalek One, Green Matter, Matheny, Ahee, and many more, each of these 16 tracks on this EP combines the unique sounds of each into a holistic and high-energy listening experience.

Falling under the traditional ‘Loud’ production style we’ve come to know from his Pretty Dark Loud musical expression, Mersiv puts out his heaviest track to date with artist Calvin Hobbes. Up and comer Superave. takes listeners by storm with certified banger “RUM” while Notixx makes his MorFlo debut with his heavy-hitting tune, “To the Core.” Reverberate also features MorFlo’s embedded members MLOTIK, illanthropy, and Zach Hersh, each bringing their unique sound to the compilation.

This EP sets the foundation for Morflo’s first-ever festival takeover this August at Interstellar Music Festival. With a lineup including Smoaklands, Mlotik, Feelmonger, and MorFlo don Mersiv, Reverberate sets the tone for the madness we can expect from this insane takeover.

Listen to the full EP.