Mirror Machines artwork

Mirror Machines Tribute “Blade Runner” with Cover of “End Titles”

New York City-based duo Mirror Machines are serving the world of vocal electronica with a tastefully reimagined rendition of “End Titles”, a cinematic piece from the original “Blade Runner” soundtrack.

The passing of the legendary Greek musician, Vangelis, on May 19th brings commemoration and honor to this recording of April 2022. With a background of debut releases on veteran producer labels, Lane 8’s This Never Happened (Pray For Rain EP) and Above & Beyond’s Anjunadeep (Remind Me Why EP), Mirror Machines have championed the cover with bombastic modular soundscapes.

The techno stomper track has a little bit of everything, making it an enchanting circuit for listeners, yet a weapon for the dancefloors. Introduced within the first minute of the track, a whirlwind of transcending atmospherics, followed up by a flat-line sample before a mean and dark transition. Led by a powerful, ethnic, ancient, and worshipping sound are vicious vocals, “six, six, six, seven, go to hell or go to heaven”, that compliment a warehouse-style bassline.

About halfway through the track, the producers rinse a layer of fusing melodious textures while balancing a roaring tempo, creating an opus for an evocative narrative. Without any software, and only utilizing vintage equipment (1977 Yamaha CS-80, 1976 Roland Paraphonic RS-505, and a 1977 Arp Odyssey mkII) to create dissonant techno synthesizers, Jeremy Dawson and Chad Petree make the perfect team for dipping into the melodic house and techno waters.

Through authenticity and influence in their music, Mirror Machines explore the beauty of modernizing reverberating films and their riveting soundtracks.

Michela is a writer for MP3 MAG. With six years of studying journalism under her belt, Michela is an aspiring dance music journalist who interviews artists, writes about their upcoming releases, and also covers electronic dance music festivals.