Kyral x Banko Artwork for BRAD EP

Kyral x Banko and Mport Release the Comedic “Brad” EP on WAKAAN

The electronic music industry is no stranger to quirky characters and zany antics. From Ganja White Night’s iconic “Mr. Wobbles” to the story behind TVBOO’s hit single “Skrawberries,” artists are always coming up with new ways to express their goofy personalities through ridiculous lyrics and silly animations. Rarely, though, do these ideas form the concept for an entire EP — but the newly released Brad EP from Kyral x Banko and Mport does just that.

Released on Liquid Stranger’s WAKAAN record label, the Brad EP embodies a caricature of the most annoying superfan, a persistent critic pleading for attention from their favorite artists. We all know a Brad — a fan completely void of self-awareness but equally determined to see their idols shine. Brads often have good intentions but lack the ability to communicate their

Thankfully, unlike the many “Brads” of the world, the Brad EP knows exactly what it is and delivers on every front. In between silly skits filled with Brad’s pleading for unreleased IDs and begging Kyral x Banko and Mport for a proper “banger,” there are plenty of noisy bass drops, hints of glitch-hop, and even a fresh bass-house track for good measure. Don’t let the comedic nature of the project fool you. The music is just as hot as ever, a perfect harmony of club-ready wubs and freeform bass that’ll twist your bass face into a contorted mess of post-lemon consumption.

Kyral x Banko and Mport’s musical styles synchronize on the Brad EP for some distinct heaters, including the bass-house track appropriately titled “Banger.” The song features some animated lyrics from Banko, who expresses his distaste for salad and his love for bangers. None of it makes sense, but it’s not supposed to. That’s the whole point. You’re meant to laugh and enjoy the music. That’s it. And I’m happy to say, if there’s one word that describes the Brad EP, it’s fun.

Be a fan, but don’t be a Brad.

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