Photo of REZZ throwing up heart sign at Red Rocks

MP3 TAKES: REZZ Rocks V (2023)

Introducing MP3 TAKES, our event review series where we dive deep into the exhilarating world of music festivals and live performances. In an era teeming with music events worldwide, our aim is to help you navigate through the noise and uncover the most captivating experiences. Join us on this adventure to highlight the backstage stories, memorable moments, and unique elements that make each event one-of-a-kind.


From her humble beginnings as an underground sensation, Isabelle Rezazadeh — better known as Rezz — has ascended to international stardom. While her entrancing music and an adept team play pivotal roles, it’s the grandeur of Rezz’s live shows that’s truly her hallmark.

She initially captured attention with her signature LED goggles. As her stardom grew, so did the magnitude of her productions — expansive LED displays, intensified pyrotechnics, and avant-garde visuals. This year, she unveiled “The Spectacle,” a multi-story LED screen at Red Rocks, possibly the biggest to date, backed with a magnified replica of her goggles in the form of massive rig structures with reminiscent lights.

This mammoth structure, oscillating between the LED screen and goggle visuals, offered an unmatched visual presentation in an already unparalleled canon of Rezz production.


While many artists predominantly concentrate on personal growth, Rezz’s vision transcends the individual. In 2022, she birthed her own label, HypnoVizion, catering to “mid-tempo to slow, trippy dubstep.”

In a prelude to her main event, Rezz held a label pop-up in Denver, granting fans an intimate interface with HypnoVizion artists and chance to copp exclusive Rezz and label merch ahead of Rezz Rocks. The rendezvous featured performances from talents like Super Future, Sfam, and NotLö

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Furthermore, Rezz Rocks V hosted a label showcase, introducing acts such as Esseks, Rossy, Isqa, Redrum, and Digital Ethos. Given the merch, talent, and distinct style on display, Rezz and HypnoVizion’s prominence in North America’s electronic scene is undeniable.


Regardless of how many times you’ve witnessed the iconic Ivy Lab, they remain a groundbreaking force in electronic music. Previously supporting Rezz during her 2021 Red Rocks gig, Ivy Lab returned this year with Sabre as its sole representative. His set was a masterclass in left-field bass, progressive club, heady hip-hop, and halftime genres.

He followed up his Red Rocks performance with a headline at Larimer Lounge with a special ‘DnB’ set.


An already mesmerizing evening took an even more celestial turn each night with a mid-performance drone show. Roughly halfway through her set, the sky was illuminated by a ballet of over 100 drones, dancing gracefully in the night above the rocks with the Denver skyline serving as a backdrop. The Rezz drones painted the sky with intricate designs reflective of Rezz’s unmistakable brand.

Audiences watched in awe as the drones morphed into iconic shapes of her LED goggles, and at one point, an impressive silhouette of Rezz herself. But the magic didn’t stop there. Drawing inspiration from the onstage visuals, these drones also recreated images such as a haunting clock tower and an intricate spider, each formation syncing harmoniously with the visuals. This mid-air spectacle, combined with the groundbreaking visuals and sound, fortified Rezz Rocks 2023 as another iconic evening in Rezz’s catalog.


Our first experience with Rezz was in 2017 at Buku, a daytime set under a blazing sun. Fast-forward a year, and she closed out the festival on the same stage. Since then, she’s headlined Red Rocks five times, selling out each time, performed globally, adorned marquees worldwide, and etched her name as one of the globe’s most illustrious female electronic artists.

photo of REZZ at Red Rocks
Photo by Tessa Paisan

How has Rezz done this? Not by following trends, but consistently pushing her own interests and style, developing her audience, and improving her offerings in both music and the live show realms.

In a world where artists are consistently told to follow the latest gimmick to break through, Rezz is a testament for artists everywhere that you can not only find success doing your own thing, but you can make a global impact in doing so.


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