Muzzy Bearr

Born and raised at the intersection of Motown and Techno, Detroit native Daniel Hacker, aka Muzzy Bearr, grew up playing any instrument he could get his hands on. This rich musical background laid the foundations of what turned into years of supporting major artists on some of the nation’s largest stages, from Red Rocks to Lollapalooza. Spending the majority of the last ten years as the guitarist and featured vocalist for GRiZ, Muzzy Bearr is no stranger to the stage. Forged through a keen sensibility for collaboration, and a decade of producing a myriad of genres, the Muzzy Bear sonic palette is only beginning to truly reveal it’s depths. Mindful, deeply soulful, and groovy as hell; Effortlessly combining the nuance of 70s disco and funk with the drive of modern house to create something instantly familiar yet wholly unique. Fully actualized barely scratches the surface of this beautifully exciting and queer voice in dance music. From stage to streaming platform, audio to visual, every aspect of the Muzzy Bearr experience is created and curated by him, for you.



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