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STS9 Makes Highly Anticipated WAKAAN Debut With A Nine-Track Live Mixtape

Over the last two decades, jamtronica band STS9 has become a pioneer of sound within the electronic music scene. With 20 years in the making, today, STS9 has teamed up with renowned music label WAKAAN to bring forth their extremely anticipated nine-track live mixtape.

Featuring live recordings of previously released tracks, this progressive mixtape serves as a surprise for both old and new fans alike, providing an exclusive look into the Sound Tribe project.

To even further the hype falling this release, for the first time, their track “ABCEES” is available on streaming services, taking its spot alongside other popular tracks “When The Dust Settles” and “The Ramble.” Each of these nine tracks provides an intimate look into the live performance catered by this incredible artist, unearthing the common ground between the worldwide electronic band of STS9 and the reigning freeform bass label, WAKAAN. 

Releasing 12 albums deeply rooted in the ideas of musical exploration, this five-person instrumental group has continued to break the boundaries of both sound and production, celebrating improvisation through both electronic and acoustic means. Consisting of percussion, piano, bass, keyboard, and drums, this group is changing the way electronic music is formulated, bringing new and exciting sounds with each release. 

Sound Tribe System 9 continues its fame throughout the electronic world, continuing the band’s national tour alongside a specially-curated New Year’s event, “STS9 Presents: The Human Dream,” taking place in Denver, Colorado.

The journey of STS9 is nothing but incredible, persistently furthering the evolution of live electronic music through their sound. Who knows what another two decades of STS9 can bring, but the future looks bright for this iconic music project. 



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