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5 Artists You Can’t Miss at III Points

The hot Miami-based festival displays an eclectic lineup from top to bottom, full of big names such as Flume, Porter Robinson, Black Coffee, and more. With such an array of artists to choose from, it’s crucial to explore the sounds from all over. 

The best part of experiencing a festival is going in blindly and discovering diverse artists that you may not have ever heard of before. With the festival approaching this weekend, the MP3 MAG team has selected a few artists that we believe you must see at III Points. 


The New York-based artist Mindchatter does an excellent job at combining his genre-bending sound with his blissful vocals to create the perfect tunes to groove to. During his live performances, he showcases his audio-visual talents by bringing his art to life on the big screen. Watching him perform live is a gift every time, from his drums to live distortion of vocals, his set at the RC Cola stage this weekend will be an unforgettable one without a doubt. 


While III Points Festival is full of vibrant house and bouncy techno, Japanese artist Joji is making his way to Miami to showcase his perfect mix of R&B and trip-hop tunes. He started as a Youtuber and comedian, but in 2017 decided to pursue a career in music. The singer/songwriter does a fantastic job of expressing emotion and hardship in his music to convey a beautiful story to the listener. Top hits such as “A Glimpse of Us” and “Slow Dancing in the Dark” are just a few of the remarkable ballads that’ll likely be heard at the festival this weekend.

Tama Gucci 

Hot-pink-haired artist Tama Gucci comes back to his hometown of Miami this weekend for the festival. As an artist who started out just making covers of songs, Tama Gucci has blossomed into an electronic R&B sensation. His most recent release Almost Blue is a perfect representation of how he incorporates his Jamaican identity with his love for 90’s breakbeats and all things electronic music. Catch him live on the Sector 3 stage on Friday at 7:00 pm.

James Blake

Grammy-nominated electronic producer James Blake has made a massive name for himself over the years. The acclaimed artist takes his love for electronic music and gentle R&B vocals to create a soulful sanctuary for listeners. He has collaborated with artists such as Kendrick Lamar, SZA, Beyoncé, and Bon Iver. Blake will get the party started this weekend at the Mind Melt Stage, this Friday at 7:45 pm. 

Polo & Pan

If you are unfamiliar with Polo & Pan, III Points is the perfect place to expand your musical knowledge and get to know them. The French duo’s sound combines their live instrumentation and layered arrangements to create a whimsical array of sounds that will have the entire dance floor moving. They will be taking the Sector 3 stage at 10:30 pm Friday night. When their set leaves you wanting more, check out MP3 MAG’s interview with them in our Vol.1 print edition!

Ashley is a founding member of the MP3 MAG team, as well as a recent Florida State University graduate. She currently resides in Tampa, Florida, where she has been immersed into the electronic music community and discovered her passion for music journalism. Her favorite hobbies include going to concerts, music festivals and traveling.