Vylana album artwork for Goddess Rise

Vylana’s ‘Goddess Rise’ Invokes Powerful, Feminine Expression, Fosters Rebirth, Acceptance

“I am, and that’s all I ever need to be.”

That powerful lyric encapsulates the message of Vylana’s album, Goddess Rise. The project dropped on Nov. 2 as a raw, personal tale of Vylana’s journey of rebirth, feminine spirit, and identity acceptance.

Goddess Rise teleports the listener to an evocative atmosphere filled with Vylana’s invitation to look inward and reflect on their own diving beings. The song “Out of Exile” urges listeners to dig deep into their identities and lean on the strongest, most feminine parts to escape society’s confinement and judgment. The song concludes with a dynamic dance with electric violin and vocal incantations before its final statement, “take me to God.”

“Phoenix” focuses on Vylana’s story of rebirth, with steady violin lilting through the track. “I tap into my heart, and my soul speaks louder. No longer defeated,” she sings. Listeners can’t help but dive into an intimate connection to Vylana. The relatability resounds, especially for those who identify with feminine energy. “What is true is always true. There is no fear in love,” Vylana sings.

Goddess Rise wants listeners to confront all positive and negative emotions with confident, feminine energy. To unleash that spirit, one might need to look inward and call to their inner goddess.

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