Malóne release artowrk for single "Late at Night"

Miami Maestro Malóne Releases Melodic Single ‘Late at Night’

Cuban-born, Miami-based DJ and producer Malóne had an eventful year filled with successes that included reaching No. 1 on Beatport’s Afro House chart from his two tracks “Muy Bien” and “Besame.”

Aside from putting out records on admirable labels such as Saved, Abracadabra, Toolroom, Made in Miami, and Insomniac, one to highlight is his own called Hurry Up Slowly. Co-founded with Calussa in 2021, Malóne’s triumph of becoming a label head founder is releasing thirteen tracks in 2022 that also hit the top 10 on Beatport’s Afro House chart. The drive to flourish in the dance music world does not end here for the maestro, as he just put out another hit, “Late at Night,” via his imprint.

Introducing the track with upbeat and dynamic percussions while slowly phasing in muffled vocals from UK singer-songwriter Hannah Boleyn, the combination commences with high energy. Progressively coating the deep buildup with heavy-hitting chords and ambient synths to craft a melodic, yet dark approach, Malóne does a stellar job of delivering a cohesive production.

About halfway through the song, a soulful soundscape traverses across a rhythmic breakdown and bleeds into transcending riffs. Emotional elements and mysterious dialogues maintain an electrifying groove for the remainder of the track. As HUS’s four-day event during Art Basel approaches, and the year draws to a close, Malóne couldn’t have picked a better time to release this record.

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