Electric Zoo 2023 Crowd rushing gates

We Need to Talk About Electric Zoo…

Electric Zoo has long been considered a staple in New York’s expansive dance music scene, and fans from across the country were as excited as ever to experience Electric Zoo 2023. With four special GRiZ sets (some of his last before he takes an indefinite hiatus starting this October), and other headliners including Excision, Zeds Dead, Chris Lake and John Summit, there was plenty to be excited about. But, when opening day came around, things immediately began falling apart. But what actually happened?

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Electric Zoo Cancels Day One Due to “Global Supply Chain Disruptions”

It’s never a great sign when a stage is still being built on the morning of the festival. But, that’s exactly what happened. Even worse, the festival wasn’t just delayed — day one was cancelled completely.

The event organizers ensured that anyone who purchased a Friday ticket would receive a full refund, while weekend pass holders would receive “a refund equivalent to the amount of one day.” Still, understandably, the energy began to shift. But maybe day two would be better, right?

Electric Zoo Day Two — A Two Hour Delay, A Three Hour Line

Day two of Electric Zoo wasn’t canceled, but it was still a hassle to experience the event without chaotic delays and outrageous lines. Some fans reported waiting three-plus hours to get in, on top of the two hour delay. For those keeping track, that’s roughly five hours of waiting in line. Not a great look.

Despite the delay Electric Zoo day two saw most of the original lineup providing great performances, albeit to an anxious crowd of tired fans.

Electric Zoo Day Three — Ticket Holders Denied Entry, Fans Storm Gates

Everyone wants to go viral. Unless that reason is for alarming safety concerns and violations, including video footage of thousands of fans storming your festival’s gates and completely ignoring security.

But can you blame the fans? When Electric Zoo announces that they’re closing their gates early due to “safety reasons,” denying valid ticket holders entry into the festival grounds, what do you expect to happen?

Will Electric Zoo Happen in 2024?

Honestly, we’re not sure. With all the refunds and the already-volatile nature of mid-sized festivals in the post-pandemic world, it’s hard to imagine that Electric Zoo made much money, if any. Plus, there’s a social media storm that’s not quieting down. We’re not sure that “all press is good press” applies here.

Please remember: it’s perfectly reasonable to be upset about Electric Zoo’s unfortunate shortcomings. But it’s not okay to bully people, online or in person, regarding your disappointments. Please treat people with respect, but definitely make sure to get a refund if that applies to you.

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