Photograph from Wakaan Festival 2019

8 Items to Bring to Mulberry Mountain for WAKAAN Festival

After the inaugural year of WAKAAN Festival in 2019, fans have been itching to get back to Mulberry Mountain to experience round two of this unbelievable festival.

The MP3 MAG team has traveled near and far to many festivals throughout the years, including WAKAAN Festival, so we decided to put together a list of essentials that you must bring this year!

Ear Protection

While there are many items that could take the #1 place on this list, ear protection truly is one of the most important items to bring with you. With incredible sound systems and banging bass, treating your ears kindly and wearing earplugs will benefit and protect you in the long run. The MP3 MAG team will have free earplugs at our booth if anyone needs them! 

Hand Sanitizer

Nothing is worse than coming back from a long festival weekend, finally getting to sleep in your own bed and somehow you end up sick. Even before COVID-19 began, the festival flu has always been there to sneak up on you. So, hand sanitizer is another essential not just for WAKAAN Music Festival, but festivals everywhere. 

Inflatable Couch

To the MP3 MAG team, this is a necessity. The inflatable couch has upped the campsite game like no other.  Hanging out with friends before a set? Perfect, take a seat on the couch. Tired after dancing all day long but don’t want to sit in the grass at a late-night set? Great! The inflatable couch is light enough to carry with your friends wherever your heart desires. For under $100, it could very well be the best investment for the weekend.

Portable Chargers

While festivals are a great way to take a break from society and leave electronics behind, cell phones and cameras can be crucial for a camping festival. Solar-powered portable chargers are the perfect fit and can be found for a decent price at Walmart or Amazon. Whether you need it to find your friends or take videos of your favorite artists set, charging on the go is definitely essential. 


One thing you should not mess around with is hydration. With a lineup as stacked as this one, there’s no doubt you’ll be dancing all day, and that Arkansas sun is no joke! For your campsite, a pack of water bottles and gallon jugs are great to have around. Inside the festival, a refillable hydro-pack will be your best friend as there will be water refill stations!

First Aid Supplies

It may seem obvious, but many people tend to leave this one out. Accidents happen and sometimes the medical tent is a bit far from immediate relief for something like a cut, burn or blister. Having a first aid kit on hand ensures safety for not just you, but your group and others around you. 

Weather-Appropriate Clothing

As fall is finally starting to set in, the leaves are changing and temperature is dropping up on Mulberry Mountain. Be sure to pack clothes for the mid-80s during the day, but also mid to low 50s at night. There is nothing worse than getting down to some good music with your friends, but having to leave a set to go back to camp to change your clothes because you’re too hot or cold.

A Copy of MP3 MAG

Last but certainly not least, a copy of MP3 MAG Vol. 1 is essential for this festival. Artists such as Wreckno, Mersiv, Canabliss, VEIL and Notlö, and many more have been featured in our first print edition, so who knows, maybe you’ll see one of them around and be able to get your very own copy signed!

Ashley is a founding member of the MP3 MAG team, as well as a recent Florida State University graduate. She currently resides in Tampa, Florida, where she has been immersed into the electronic music community and discovered her passion for music journalism. Her favorite hobbies include going to concerts, music festivals and traveling.