Press photo of SHADES

Alluring Producer Duo SHADES Captivates on Ominous The Dance of Death EP

Few have spun the same luster and acclaim as ambitious bass duo, SHADES, yet Alix Perez and EPROM find themselves primed to take their experimental approach to new heights. Today, the duo has released their 5th EP, The Dance of Death. Explore the controlled chaos and boundless creativity from two of bass music finest sonic innovators.

Alix Perez and Eprom make up SHADES. As pioneers of the half-time bass music sound, SHADES has grown to become one of the more influential artists in bass heavy dance music. SHADES have developed into something akin to a cult in the four years since their inception. They have continued support from Amon Tobin, Claude Von Stroke, and Noisia, amongst others. They have toured Europe and Australia numerous times, and are quickly becoming a headline act across the US.

“The Dance Of Death is a continuation in our vision and sound,” said SHADES. “Refining and pushing our experimentation in audio design.”

The EP runs 4-tracks in length, and features a heavy concoction of innovative bass sounds. The EP opens with “The Corruption,” the project’s only single. Here listeners are introduced to the heavy atmosphere and haunting modulation of The Dance of Death. “The Creation” follows the same eerie soundscape narrative, allowing staticky, glitched out synthes to ring in and out of reverberation. The backend of the track billows in volume, lending to a soundtrack like creation from the producers. “Eternal Rain Descending” launches itself with a foreboding intro, which presents a chopped vocal loop through the madness of sound. This carries listeners to the first drop, and likewise an explosion of atomized sounds and samples. The EP wraps up with “The Last Judgement,” which enraptured listeners in a looped build before delivering a grunge, industrial drop to make for an ‘Instant Rewind” for listeners. 

SHADES has once again conjured the magic to captivate audiences globally, conveying a superiority in their ability to create with ingenuity and raw energy.