BoredomFighters teaches kids to DJ. 3 kids DJing live for their friends

Cervantes and River Beats Partner With The BoredomFighters Foundation to Bring Music Production to Colorado Schools

Three of Colorado’s favorite musical entities, Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom, River Beats, and the nonprofit organization The BoredomFighters Foundation, have joined forces to bring music production classes and workshops, mentorship training programs, and more to Colorado schools.

With support from artists like Mersiv, Daily Bread, and Dirtwire‘s David Satori, BoredomFighters has established 6 chapters across the U.S., hosted 529 workshops in 190 schools, and directly impacted 8,120 kids.

But their ambitions are much larger than that: BoredomFighters hopes to eventually provide music education and resources to 1,000,000 kids across the U.S.

Here’s how they plan to do that.

A Community-Driven Initiative

BoredomFighters hosting a music production workshop in a school classroom, teaching a kid to play with a drum pad
The BoredomFighters foundation hosts a music production workshop at a public school in Park Hill, Colorado.

In 2017, Tyler Manning and Blake Hondermann founded BoredomFighters after helping launch Mersiv’s MorFlo Records in Colorado. But their ambitions quickly shifted away from the record label, and toward making sure kids had access to music production resources from a young age.

Now, seven years later, Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom has become the first partner at the ‘Champion’ level in BoredomFighters’ new Next Stage initiative — a fundraising drive that aims to to secure necessary finances to support BoredomFighters ambitions goals of providing under-resourced communities with access to music production lessons, instruments, and workshops in Colorado and beyond.

By supporting BoredomFighters at this level, Cervantes, alongside River Beats, is committed to raising enough funds to cover one month of operations, amounting to $8,333, which is the approximate overhead cost to maintain BoredomFighters’ operations each month.

River Beats’ Is Donating Ticket Sales All Summer Long

The Deep pool party featuring a crowd watching a DJ play a rooftop set in Denver
The X Denver hosts a pool party on their rooftoop.

Denver’s favorite summer pool parties, ‘The Deep,’ are back this year at The X Denver, bringing artists like Late Night Radio, Integrate, and more to the rooftop pool. This year, Cervantes and River Beats promise to donate $2 per ticket sold directly to BoredomFighters.

The initiative kicks off on July 13th with Late Night Radio, promising an exciting start to a summer filled with music and philanthropy.

Cervantes has a longstanding history of supporting various nonprofit organizations through its events and initiatives. Some of the notable partners include Backline, Trees Water People, Everyone Orchestra, ZeroHero, Rex Foundation, HeadCount, Reverb, Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool, Punta Cana Ecological Foundation, and Conscious Alliance. This track record highlights Cervantes’ commitment to leveraging the Denver music industry to uplift and support community-focused causes.

The Impact of BoredomFighters — Helping Kids Perform With Shaquille O’Neal

Already, BoredomFighters is setting young DJs and producers up for massive success — including Mesophonic, an 11-year-old dubstep prodigy, who recently joined Shaquille O’Neal(DIESEL) on stage at Denver’s Mission Ballroom to play out one of Mesophonic’s mixes in front of 4,000 people.


#Shaq brought out 11 year old Mesophonic on stage during his set‼️🔥 How many of y’all want to see #DJDiesel live⁉️👀 🎥: dubstepfbi

♬ original sound – user49519054276

The heartwarming moment immediately went viral on social media, introducing thousands of new fans to Mesophonic’s incredible musical talent.

But Mesophonic didn’t become an all-star overnight. For the past few years, he’s been learning directly from BoredomFighters’ mentors and production classes. Clearly, their hard work is quickly paying off.

Onward and Upward — BoredomFighters Is on the Way to Global Impact

Kids at their computer learning how to produce music
Students attend a workshop with a BoredomFighters mentor to learn how to produce music.

BoredomFighters has already had a massive impact on music education in public school across Colorado the U.S., but they’re mission is far from complete.

They have their eyes set on bringing music production resources to 1,000,000 kids across the country, through live workshops, mentorship and educator training programs, music equipment donations, and more. But they can’t do it alone.

How to Join the Cause

The partnership between Cervantes, River Beats, and The BoredomFighters Foundation represents a significant step towards making music production accessible to young people in under-resourced communities. By attending ‘The Deep’ events or donating directly, supporters can help BoredomFighters continue their vital work. 

For more information on BoredomFighters and volunteer opportunities, visit To learn more about ‘The Deep’ event series and upcoming shows, check out





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