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Who is Cool Customer? New Artist Invokes Nostalgia on ‘Word to the Mother’ EP

Not many artists can take the aspects of nature and interpret that into sounds, let alone an entire EP. This has never seen to be a challenge for 25-year-old New York-based producer, Cool Customer, who continues to unveil more and more music styled to capture and embrace the world around us. Combining the different soundscapes of glitch-hop, bass music, and even jazz, this new release of his latest EP, Word to the Mother, plays on many genres to collectively compile into a holistic four-track compilation. 

With his nostalgic, sample-based sound, much of the likes of artists such as Pretty Lights and Tripp St., Cool Customer has garnered a big following in a short amount of time, especially for an artist his age. Each track holds a different vibe and tempo, making each track unique, but a huge part of the listening experience of the entire EP.

“Word to the Mother” has heavy bouncy glitchy tones accompanied by strong vocals throughout. “Wack” is yet another upbeat, high-energy track that brings the perfect energy to bop around to. “Manifest” takes a slower pace, but still brings the same glitch soundscape as the other tracks. “Patience” is the perfect combination of jazzy lo-fi to round out the whole EP.

All four tracks flow in and out nicely, complementing each other in their own ways. There is no doubt that the growth of the Cool Customer project will continue to skyrocket as more and more releases are played out between his current tour with PEEKABOO and this outstanding release on Deadbeats that is not to be missed.



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