Photo of Distinct Motive at Yonderville

Diving Into an Unforgettable Weekend at Yonderville Music & Arts Festival 2022

What better way to spend the Fourth of July weekend than on Marvin’s Mountaintop getting down to some great tunes? Taking place in Masontown, West Virginia, bass music fans flocked to Yonderville Music & Arts Festival June 30 through July 3 to celebrate the weekend with beautiful art, delicious food, and of course, astounding music.

Photo Credit: Audrey Alexandrescu

The festival wrapped up its fifth year with a stacked lineup. Every set provided a phenomenal performance, whether it was at the DUB BUS, Monolith, or Temple Stage. This year’s lineup included many of MP3 MAG’s featured artists such as Of The Trees, Liquid Stranger, Black Carl!, Lab Group, Esseks, and Wreckno. In addition to the larger acts on the lineup, the strong undercard drew crowds just as big to showcase their music, rain or shine. The music was accompanied by the renowned Hennessey Sound Design and Danley Sound Lab speakers, the loudest such stack deployed at a US festival to date.

Photo Credit: Zoophoria Photography

Despite an extremely competitive and packed festival slate this time of year, Yonderville managed to strike a cord with attendees by providing a uniquely personal and enthralling experience. Upon entering, fans followed a winding gravel road and were met by friendly organizers, who welcomed them into an inviting, sprawling landscape.

Marvin’s Mountaintop surely lived up to it’s billing as a scenic backdrop to any event. While speckled with rain showers throughout the weekend, campers experienced dramatic sunsets and fairly mild temperatures for peak summertime. Walks from camp felts like an adventure, and commutes from stage to stage only momentary. In between, vendors and artists were set up sporadically with various festival offerings, installations and live painting projects to enjoy.

As mentioned, the festival has navigated a variety of conditions over they years; changing out venues and even weathering a pandemic. For its fifth endeavor, however, it gave fans an insight into just how much potential this promotion, venue and curation has in becoming a staple in not only the Northeast festival scene, but bass music at large.

To recap the festival weekend, the MP3 MAG team, who hosted its first vendor tent onsite, chimed in on what their favorite moment of the weekend was and why:

  • Franz: β€œBlack Carl!. He continues to impress with each career move, whether it’s music or rising up a tier on a lineup. However, Carl always stays true to his fun, relatable self and giving back to the community. Regardless of it being a major festival or a boutique one like Yonderville, he’s regularly in the mix with other artists and most importantly, fans, which shows just how much he loves what he does.”
  • Ashley: β€œDistinct Motive was easily one of my favorites from the weekend. It is hard to choose when you are given such a well-rounded list of artists, but Distinct Motive blew me out of the water with his unique heavy dubstep sound. It was my first time seeing him, and after the show, we got this weekend, it definitely won’t be my last!”
  • Maddy: β€œLab Group was for sure my favorite set. Every time I see them play I become more impressed with their ability to take the crowd on a journey with heavy beats while also sprinkling in emotional moments honoring CharlestheFirst. They also played some of my favorite tracks from the β€˜hawk.’ project which was exciting.”
  • Danielle: β€œMAD Pritch’s late-night set at the DUB BUS was a dream and a half. The intimacy of the stage allowed you to actually see her smile from behind the mic as she spun & spit poetry.”
  • Shaina: “On a lineup of seemingly endless talent, Wreckno brought high energy and a unique presence to the Monolith Stage. Straight off his Electric Forest performance, Wreckno’s live vocals and range of genres brought the crowd to its feet. Every time I see Wreckno is a treat, but this time was extra special!”
Ashley is a founding member of the MP3 MAG team, as well as a recent Florida State University graduate. She currently resides in Tampa, Florida, where she has been immersed into the electronic music community and discovered her passion for music journalism. Her favorite hobbies include going to concerts, music festivals and traveling.