Drew Dapps drops New EP, Inner Luv

Drew Dapps Brings the Funk on Latest EP, Inner Luv

Boutique house artist Drew Dapps continues to push the boundaries of minimal and deep tech, as evidenced on his latest EP, Inner Luv, released on February 1. 

Originally from Las Vegas, Dapps began experimenting with producing hip hop beats. As he quickly gained a following, he discovered his true passion was something completely different. He fell in love with producing house music and relocated to San Diego in 2019, where he fully immersed himself into the local house scene there. 

Fast forward to 2023, his releases have topped Beatport’s house charts and have earned millions of streams across the world. With almost 19,000 monthly listeners on Spotify alone, his project is on an influential upward trajectory for 2023.  

The Inner Luv EP debuted on the Italian-based label, Chichi Music, and consists of the two tracks, “Inner Luv” and “Moon Over Milan.”  The B-Side is titled “Moon Over Milan” to dedicate Dapps’ time spent performing internationally. His idea was to tell the story of bringing a deeper European sound back to the states. Both of these tracks consist of the perfect combination of groovy baselines and crisp snares that work together to bring the perfect amount of funk to the dance floor. 


BandCamp: drewdapps.bandcamp.com

Twitter: twitter.com/drewdapps

Instagram: instagram.com/drewdapps

Facebook: facebook.com/drew.dapps

Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/drewdapps

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