MitiS releases nostalgic EP Memories

Lost in Time: A Journey Through MitiS’ EP, Memories

Have you ever been so completely absorbed in a DJ set or a track that you feel as though time has stood still and nothing can interrupt the euphoric state of mind you’ve entered?

We listened to BORN label head boss, MitiS’s, four-track EP titled Memories as a tribute to his early music and fans. And nostalgia is what we grasped.

The EP’s musical journey begins with its title track, Memories, starting with a majestic introduction that progressively creeps into a serene melody. Hints of harmonious elements layered over catchy percussion are soon added and the sweeping synths sink into our ears before a peaceful pause. Seconds before the dynamic soundscape reappears with an expansive build, the emotional melodies kick up and we are back on cloud nine. It’s impressive that MitiS can evoke strong emotions through blissful chords and energetic breakdowns without relying on vocals, as incorporating vocals often helps listeners connect more with a track.

For those who are eager for more, MitiS will be touring the US for the next couple of months, providing you with an odyssey that will guarantee to hit home.

Stream MitiS’s new EP, Memories, below:

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